Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Smashing Down Walls

One of those magical moments happened. One where reality shifts for a second and you realise the universe is talking to you. Here’s the background story.

For a few years now I thought my leg muscles had atrophised. Since birth, I’ve had a tough time with legs and leg strength. It’s just one of those things, I told myself - It’s amazing they’ve got me this far, I’d say. I’d given up on this changing and just ignored it. Oblivion was best. Exercise and movement were painful. I didn’t do enough. I didn’t find it fun. End of.

In the last year, I’ve rekindled my relationship with trance music and beautiful beats. Ooooo I noticed, that makes me feel good. I WANT to move. Wow. This is new. On my first night clubbing after twenty years, I danced for eight hours straight and did 25km. Woweeee. This is really important for me. My body can’t stop moving to this uplifting music. So I started dancing at home most days with the speakers up high.

I’ve wanted to do belly dance for a while, had a hunch that it may be good for my wobbly body. I serendipitously found a lovely online teacher. I’m on lesson 3 and last night I practised my lessons to my new thing, dnb music. I went wild. My hips shimmied, my calves burned. I can feel my calf muscles. OMG. I’m good at this! I can feel myself. I’m not so numb anymore. Who would have thought it? (not me)

So I look down at what’s playing on Spotify because my body is feeling incredibly energised by the track, and I see three tracks next to each other in the list. And I smile. They read like this…

  • Atrophy - Keep Movin - Many Signs -

This is the universe talking. Gotta keep on going. It’s the only way to survive. Keep moving, keep dancing, keep your body strong. You do have muscles, they aren’t atrophised, they’re just asleep. Let’s smash these walls down, I will help you. Just. Keep. Moving.