Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Being a little under the weather does have its benefits. I got to surround myself with a 4am dawn chorus and witness a hungry bat’s flying manoeuvres along with getting some lovely morning air. 🫶🏼

Dance of the Rainforest featuring melancholic harp and a lush tropical soundscape is my new piece over on Late Nite Harp.


Meet Dan the pony. Here for the summer pastures. 28 years old. Loves lying down. Often seen with jackdaws on his flank who love his hair. Best friend is Skerry. Heard them both farting t’other day. Couldn’t stop laughing. I love how unencumbered they are. 😁

The history of Keith’s buildings of Cadzow Street.

Feel like I’m in a land created by Dr Seuss 🥰

Breakfast time 🥳

Oats (soaked overnight)
Oat milk
Soaked sunflower seeds
Cacao nibs (best thing ever)
Brazil nuts
Roasted Hazelnuts
Dried mulberries

Went to a lovely café today - Chocolat Blanc - and had my first Cortado. An acquired taste that had me making funny faces at the world. Adding a little hot chocolate relieved my shocked taste buds. The brownie was epic also. Yum!

I’ve released a super beautiful ocean vision quest over on Meditation Lights. You’ll swim and glide, float and dive. You’ll play with dolphins, find your tail and meet wise whales. I think you’ll love it for its soothing calm and colourful descriptions.

A truly breathtaking 4hr trance set from Cold Blue. I was dancing to it outside as a storm whipped up, my hair flying around wild and free. I love dancing in nature and could have wept - so ethereal it was. Truly he’s a master at this. Feeling energised and extremely happy.


Giving some Sunday loving to my new Cosmic Harp track Song of the Sea. 22 minutes of blissed out, ethereal ocean soundscape to relax, unwind and leave your worries behind. 🧜🏽‍♀️✨🧜🏾‍♂️

Looking forward to the magical aquilegia flowers coming soon.

Love this story of Cathode and Rémy 😻 A sweet sweet love.

Gotta love a guy with this much mad music bravery. And found myself giggling when he started running from the police. This mall should pay this DJ, not try and chuck him out 😃 🎵 🎧 💫 He did get a fist bump at the end tho. I don’t think they really knew what to do with him.

In a sensory garden full of nature I lay, looking up at the sky, the leaves, the trees. The birds were busy in their business up there. As the glorious sun shone down on my feet, I took a moment to breathe.

Here’s a stunning new relaxing release over on Bandcamp. Song of the Sea is an uplifting, dreamy water track with vast expanse and shining, ethereal melodies. I love underwater bubbles, I’m sure I can feel a few in this piece. The whales are coming. The sea, she sings.

I’ve been receiving lots of magical, mystical prayers recently. I’m sharing this one about Spirit Guides with you today. Sometimes we need to ask for help from powers unseen, so golden doors open and we may surrender to the wisdom of faraway realms.

Golden Hour

Such a rich purple colour on the violas at the mo. And everything’s covered in beech tree pollen this week. 🥳 🌸 🌼

Look at that face of concern - it’s ok Ginger, it’s just you in the garden today, no other boy cats is gonna get you (that happens later on this evening when the ‘mean coon’ shouts at you!)🙀😼

The birdsong today was so rich and diverse. It soared gloriously with so much variety of song. I recorded a nice chunk and also had some sweet inspiration to make an inner child harp reset. It’s a lovely combination. For my Papa who left this earth eleven years ago 🚀🤗💖

Nasturtiums have incredible leaves.