Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Meet Billy and Jake. Siamese cattos of the lilac kind. Jake’s the baby. In age and temperament. Big brother Billy is too cool for school. Sometimes he lets Jake come along for the ride. Not always. I’m going to have fun with these two. They love playing. And I love their moves.

No filter. 😎

An old haunt.


33 - In this episode I give you the low down on my clubbing experiences since I was 15 years old leading up to my very latest super club experience aged 40.

Last day with these cute rascals. And the longest housesit so far at 6 weeks. Can I even remember how the car packs together again? 🤔 Yes! Because I’m awesome 🤣 (and hardly have any stuff). The additional oddly shaped Christmas pressies may cause an unusual challenge however.

Last night was epic. I danced for five hours straight. Looking out onto thousands of fellow partygoers. I bounced and stomped. Drunk people tried to hug me. Others tried to talk. I didn’t engage. I couldn’t. It was all about the dance. And the energy I created was spectacular. 💃

Tonight is the night of beats. Tonight is the night of stomps. Tonight is the night of raising it up at my first ever drum and bass clubbing event. I’ll see you later dancefloor. Please clear the area. There’s a moose on the loose. 💃✨💃✨💃

Hello Mrs Sniffle Snaffle. Oh what big cheeks you’ve got.

The Bunnies are back!

32 - A fabulously fun episode with Peanut, Pumpkin and Pickles. They share a little more about themselves, their mischievousnous obviously comes out and they sing us a lovely song.

Adventures in Primary School Teaching Part 2

31 - In this second part I talk about the types of school I’ve worked in, the good, the bad and the ugly teaching days, and the little things that always brightened my school day.

Adventures in Primary School Teaching

30 - This was a fun episode to make. Remembering all the good times I had as a teacher. And some of the not so good moments too. It’s ecclectic and varied. It has sparkles and fun. Being a supply teacher was a challenge and a joy.

What’s getting you excited at the mo? I’m loving Reaper. I take so much satisfaction from blending harp sounds. I search for sparkly melodies within the layers and play around with the serious business of reverb and base. I am just so super duper high. I wanted to share my elation.

One month today I’ll be back under the spell of this gorgeous creature. Buzz. My cuddle loving, attention seeking cat crush who I travel across the country to see as often as possible. He’s the only reason I brave the crazy busy M25. Ten days of Buzzle love over Christmas. Lush.

My new boyfriend.

I started writing songs 10 years ago. Back then I was intense, going through a spiritual awakening and wanted to share it. I had a tiny phone camera balanced on 12 books. I’ve come a long way since then. I’m chilled, I play harp and I’m so excited about my latest harp creation.

The power.

The River Severn is a huge river. People surf it as the tide comes in. Opposite is Wales. It felt expansive on this autumnal day. There was something very special about the boat graveyard too. Where beautiful boats who have done their time, are laid to rest.

Pumpkin having a good old rummage. FYI Bunnies eat some of their poops twice. To digest what they didn’t previously. Yummy! 💩💩💩

Oh it’s time for more treats is it Pumpkin? Or should I say Little Miss Greedy Pants.

Indoor bunnies - it’s like having a minature farm inside your house.

Pristine bunny enclosure (after humans have tidied).

Five seconds later after PoopyMcPoopface enters the scene…

Singing Rabbits

29: This is a very special episode with some very sweet guests. Pumpkin, Peanut and Pickles join me for a sing song and chat. I talk about my new experience of looking after rabbits for the first time, how I love it when they binky and what their characters are like.

I’ve got an exciting surprise in my next podcast…singing bunnies! Stayed tuned. It’s coming soon. ❤️

What a glorious ear.