Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Happy Friday! Here’s my album cover. Woohoo! I love its simplicity. After working on it with Simon (thank you Simon), trying out new ideas, adding bits, going slightly bonkers on fonts and placement, then stripping it all away again, I’ve ended up with something special…

I’m finding this video about Zazu learning to bark softly the sweetest thing right now. Informative too. He’s a very clever and fast doggo. I love his expressions and watching him learn. Then we meet his friend Walle at the end : ) Gorgeously entertaining.

Oh my. Beaker the ducko and his favourite boy. What gorgeousness ❤️

Katla. The moody series I’ve devoured over the last two days. Beautiful landscapes, slow paced. A mysterious, sci-fi noir. I knew very little before watching and it pulled me in immediately. I love the language, the actors, atmosphere, cinematography. Iceland make cool things.

Just finishing up mastering my first album. It’s been a bright learning curve putting these seven songs together and hearing how they sound. One song is easy. Seven linked songs and their individual ‘reverbic’ personalities is something entirely different. I’m close now. 🥳

Just heard the best set in a long time. Melodic, progressive, hypnotic, full of musical layers and soulful tones. Technically it’s not Halloween yet, but it’s not far away. 😈😬👻 This is Eli & Fur’s Halloween set from last year. Dance on party people.
💃✨ 🕺

Well that’s the best news I’ve had all day 😉🥳🤩 Mario + Rabbids - Sparks of Hope. Love this comment - “A perfect example of something nobody asked for, but everyone needed.” I ❤️ Rabbids!

The smallest horse in the world lives with a sweet, caring couple and lots of Frenchies. A heartwarming story full of love, kindness and mischief.

I’m absolutely rocking out, in a dreamy kinda way, to this dj duo I’ve just discovered. Cool cookies hulking their equipment up Corral Canyon in Malibu to play awesome tunes for us and the world around. Love it. This is Eli & Fur with some progressive, soulful house. Lush.

I’m enjoying a morning set of proper trance from Giuseppe Ottaviani @ Creamfields. The beats, the build up, the ethereal highs, the pauses, the drops!!! Then the aftermath - going crazy to yet more banging beats. Classic trance can be sooo uplifting when done by a master : )

For all of you enjoying ethereal melodies and gentle (yet driving) beats, here’s a set from Korolova who I listened to for the first time last night. Loving some of the old tunes she put in there and what a stunning setting. Gonna put it on again for a breakfast boogie yeah!

Oh my goodness, just noticed a catto hanging out in Miss Monique’s latest set. Could she be any cooler?!

Just gonna celebrate for a moment after reaching 500 listeners of my course Healing Relational Trauma through Spoken Reflection & Cosmic Harp Music in just over a week 🥳🤸‍♂️🌈💃✨🎵 Already planning the next one. A completely different subject and even more cosmic 😉 💫👩‍🎤

Checked out a new club venue I’m off to in December (to see Trym from France bang out some dance energy/techno tunes). This artwork adorns the walls leading to the club. It’s up a lane full of makers and mavericks, crafters and funky artists. Good vibes all around. 💃 ✨🕺

I got unusually mad (and I mean mad to the point of frustrated weeping) at a guy on Ig today who made a comment on a girl’s post. He wrote how he wasn’t able to get used to her new haircut, which had gone from long to very short. This was followed by a ‘sorry’ at the end of his comment. I’d noticed similar comments from other guys too on her previous posts (being disappointed at her change) and while I was also annoyed at them, I’d let it be. But today he decided to give his unproductive opinion to someone who hadn’t asked for it. And that was enough for me to explode.

Today, something boiled up inside of me and the rage of a whole female generation being judged on their appearance came tearing out. His comment felt entitled, pointless and none of his business. Why did he think his opinion mattered? It was like she was property. And she wasn’t being honored as a Queen. So I told him to be more respectful and I questioned what he thought she would do with such comment, in a Holly kind of way where I actually apologised for being rude at the end. But I couldn’t help myself, I had to act.

It got me thinking about appearances and how, although we may judge people with our thoughts, we should always keep our judgements to ourselves (working towards not even having them in the first place). They shouldn’t have a voice. Airing them doesn’t help anyone. It just hurts people. I know it happens all day every day online and sometimes even with our loved ones and it’s cutting every time. That’s why I had to call this out. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. And the guy? He went on the defensive and said his comment was neither positive or negative and I should stop being so negative myself. Ok we’ll leave that one there.

I’ve been watching Godless, which is an incredible story set in the Wild West with a brilliant script. Many of the women are strong and independent. They’ve had to look after themselves and each other and they’ve gone against cultural traditions to achieve this. There’s also a Native American healer woman - a great hunter. She’s wise and strong. They’ve all had troubles with men along the way.

I think their united power got into me this morning. I’m never one to comment on such things usually, taking the higher ground of silence and I don’t intend to make a habit of it. But today, I was consumed by the powerful, feminine energy of my ancestors and stood in solidarity with all my sisters around the world and said ‘Enough!’.

I’ve just been introduced to Nandi Bushell and her performance with The Foo Fighters. I find myself watching with tears streaming down my face at the raw emotion she conjurs up, her father whooping joyfully throughout and the sweet celebration of the show. She’s a special lass.

Heard Calling All Angels for the first time last night (at the end of The Chair - a great little series). How beautiful it is. I just love its gentle, serene magic.

Image by melitas

50 people have signed up for my course on trauma and cosmic harp music already. Feels surreal it’s finally out there - I’m still getting used to the idea. Razen from Katmandu, Nepal wrote to me - “Thank you for sharing your wonderful story! The music heals me ❤ thank you!”. Yay!

An endearing story about a man, his six boykin spaniels and their search for box turtles in North Carolina.

“If they’re hunting for treats, the dogs will just quit after an hour or two of no luck. But when they’re hunting for love, they will hunt day after day.”

A dear pilot spends his spare time rescuing animals from over populated shelters. Such a wonderful story.

I, like everyone else, am struggling to comprehend what’s going on in Afghanistan right now. I’m powerless and emotional. I’m praying for all the frightened souls and all I can do is send out peace and love into this often troubled world. This song is old and has a mournful energy. I remember feeling the sadness of war when it came through me. But intertwined with those feelings comes an omni-presence of magick, universal love, strength, resilience, release and peace. Sending LOVE to all.

ANNOUNCEMENT. Fresh and full of magic. I’ve made a course called Healing Relational Trauma Through Spoken Reflection & Cosmic Harp Music. Live on Insight Timer! You even get a 30 day free trial. Woo! It’s full of love, honesty, mental health awareness and calm, magical melodies.

Ice cream of the Gods for lunch. Liqueur truffles for dinner (and breakfast) including melted chocolate cream with vodka and Lady Marmalade balls with a lemon drizzle gin cocktail. Woweee. Try Hotel Chocolat if you can. It’s an exquisite adventure from caring chocolate makers.

Thank you for all my lovely birthday messages! I’m very grateful for each one of them - it’s lovely to hear from you all. I’ll reply in more detail later. In Kelvingrove Park taking in the balmy evening with happy, city folk. All communing together in a natural space, having fun.

Birthday biscuits woo! 42 today! 🎉🍾🎊

It’s been a weird, emotional year for me, but I’ve come full circle and I’m back stronger than ever. Here’s to the next one being full of dance, discos and diva stories.💃