Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

This hymn is by Peter Madden and based on John 14. I used to love singing it at school during assembly. It’s been with me a long time. It’s repeated 10 times because it’s so short and I wanted to celebrate it over and over! After each rendition there are 10 seconds of space to meditate and reflect.

a sunset scene over a green landscape with valley views towards a red, soon to set, sun

This harp reset uses two chords in the key of F# Minor. Nourishing vibrations and resonance echo out with the harp strings. By focusing on two simple chords you can get out of your mind and flow with soft, enchanting music. Life can be so complicated so reset your mind to simplicity.

empty beach at sundown with the tide out, the sun shining its last rays, which relect off the wet sand.

Moody magic this afternoon. How lucky I am. Grateful for the ever changing clouds.

Scenic view in the afternoon with moody grey clouds and golden light peeping through and shining down over a lake

A simple recording of a beautiful hymn. I only came across My God Loves Me a year ago and I just love it. Here I’m singing it as a celestial lullaby. It’s not quite the same melody as the original but I went with what my heart was feeling. Lush image by Eberhard-Grossgasteiger, with thanks.

huge white cloud with sun rays behind it beaming upwards. very celestial

Cardinal Newman lived 1801 - 1890. His prayers and teachings are poetic, full of grace and fervour. Some of the prayers included in this new sacred prayer track are:

A Prayer to the Sacred Heart
A Prayer of Surrender
Prayer for the Light of Truth

May you be healed and nurtured by them. Amen.

sunlit white crocuses growing on green grass

Find the courage to live your dreams and do what you really want to do! And do it to help others.

Holly smiling at the camera by a lake

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

I absolutely love listening to birdsong. Now that signs of spring are here, in the garden, the chorus has ramped up and there are beautiful melodies to be heard everywhere. I’m really enjoying the Dunnock at the moment 💗🎶💗

So grateful to hear these healing sounds. What’s your favourite birdsong?

AI image created by me through Copilot. That’s me having a crazy hair day. Absolutely loving this textured, felt style. Yay for fluffy birdies!

whimsical paper diorama collage, felt, 3d, girl with long, curly, silver hair sitting in a garden with rows of flowers, her eyes are closed, her lips softly smiling, fluffy, colourful garden birds sing in the trees and sit all around her, her legs are crossed, she wears a blue, floaty, modest dress, tiny musical notes dance in the sky

Ash Wednesday has been activated! Have you given up anything up for Lent? It’s a powerful time of dedication, penitence, prayer and mysticism. I can feel the energy rising. 🕊️

Close up of Holly and Simon with crosses on their foreheads

Calming, shining, sacred vibes.

Sweet harp with a comforting, relaxing wave soundscape recorded at my new seaside home. Waves are the best lullaby. Join me in my new studio for magical melodies. This music is full of holy vibrations and healing sounds. Listen to go on a celestial journey. Listen to fill yourself up with love.

Holly holding her harp in her new studio filled with plants and a painting of Saint Michael on the wall behind her

Went to a fund raising tea party to help raise money for those suffering from the the war in Ukraine. A vast array of Ukrainian cakes were made by Ukrainian refugees and they were a sight to behold. I’ve never seen such elegance and tasted such deliciousness. It was a beautiful gathering of love (and cake).

Colourful cakesAn array of colourful chocolate cakeA slice of raspberry chocolate gâteau

Five minutes in the nourishing sun with tranquil, lapping waves is all it takes to reset.

An immovable appointment meant I was battling a seaside storm earlier with my umbrella. Practical for snow pelting down, less so when the wind whipped up and turned it inside out 🤪😅 It was amazing to get back home again and appreciate a cuppa. Very grateful to feel cosy this winter stormy season.

Meet Baxter.
Best traits: Luxuriously velvety ears, super duper friendly.
Worst traits: Loves eating and playing with dead fish off the beach.
He’s the bestest boy obvs.

close up of goofy, chocolate labrador with his tongue out.

First sound check from my new seaside studio and a beautiful lens flare appeared so I thought I’d record it for you all and it turned into a little, happy chat. 😀

Excited to finally share with you the Saint Michael painting I’ve chosen for my studio wall. I’ve loved this Saint Michael art since the first time I saw it twenty years ago. Magnificent. Feeling blessed. 💙 by Daniel Mirante.

Painting of Saint Michael above a white table with a white plant on it. Saint Michael art by Daniel Mirante

A sprinkling of shells.

Found a little nook, away from the wind to enjoy this glowing scene for a while.

scarlet red sunset over a lake with a row of houses in the distance

Braved the winds in my polar coat to witness this majesty. Totally obsessed with sunsets (haven’t quite got the sunrises sorted yet 😀).

Happy Saturday! Here’s my latest joyful newsletter. Only taken me five months to write 😅

Blue sky through a window and pastel seashell bunting in the foreground

Loving these soft, pastel, textured sea scenes.

Beach scene with pastel light and soft grey cloudsSoft grey textured clouds

Often, physically and mentally it can be so hard for me to move. Anywhere. It’s something I’ve dealt with my whole life. But whenever I win my internal battles and physical struggles, I’m rewarded with joyful feelings of wonder, fresh air and an uplifted spirit.

If you feel heavy or low, or if you’re dealing with a disability, I’m sending you so much loving encouragement and so many giggles. Laughter is such a healer. Come out with me for 5 minutes and take it all in. I guarantee you’ll feel better ❤️

Feeling very lucky. I was visited by a Florentine fairy yesterday and then I made a chai tea. This is my idea of heaven 😍 Extremely grateful for fabulous, dear new friends and the invention of the Florentine. I discovered them in childhood and have followed Florentines ever since. 🧚‍♂️🌷✨