Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

The power.

The River Severn is a huge river. People surf it as the tide comes in. Opposite is Wales. It felt expansive on this autumnal day. There was something very special about the boat graveyard too. Where beautiful boats who have done their time, are laid to rest.

Pumpkin having a good old rummage. FYI Bunnies eat some of their poops twice. To digest what they didn’t previously. Yummy! 💩💩💩

Oh it’s time for more treats is it Pumpkin? Or should I say Little Miss Greedy Pants.

Indoor bunnies - it’s like having a minature farm inside your house.

Pristine bunny enclosure (after humans have tidied).

Five seconds later after PoopyMcPoopface enters the scene…

Singing Rabbits

29: This is a very special episode with some very sweet guests. Pumpkin, Peanut and Pickles join me for a sing song and chat. I talk about my new experience of looking after rabbits for the first time, how I love it when they binky and what their characters are like.

I’ve got an exciting surprise in my next podcast…singing bunnies! Stayed tuned. It’s coming soon. ❤️

What a glorious ear.

Mmmmmm yeah.

Hey there baby. Having a nice rest?

River Severn.

Domestic Abuse

28 - The subject of domestic abuse should be raised often.

This is my story.

I implore you to share this episode with anyone you think may take benefit and strength from it.

Here’s a helpline service via text message.

And here’s the article I read that made me want to share my story.

Article - Intimate Terrorism

When coercive control was added to the statute books, it recognised something that victims of domestic violence had been explaining for decades: that the physical assaults were “not the worst of it”. It was the pattern of isolation, humiliation and domination that had broken them down, and robbed them of their lives.

It’s a hard area to police, or even put on paper, because it happens slowly, subtly and covers a range of possible behaviours. It’s also deeply personal, explains Davina James Hanman, an independent Violence Against Women consultant. “The perpetrator has intimate knowledge of the victim, so the patterns of abuse and control are specifically tailored,” she says.

Here, a wife is freed after her family successfully challenge her life sentence. Article - Sally Challen.

A lot of the problem is that women don’t know they’re in a relationship of coercive control. It’s family, friends and relatives who do see it. Somehow they have to speak to that person and convince them to leave. They don’t seem to be able to break that tie. It’s a very strong tie and the women are very vulnerable.

She said schools should teach children about coercive control, as boys as well as girls suffered from it. “They’re damaged and it’s damage done to them for the rest of their lives. Teachers also should be aware and look around their classrooms and make the children aware of what could happen.”

I wish for every single person in the whole world to see this. It’s pure love for oneself and another. Something we could all do with feeling. ❤️

Hooray I’m back!! After two months of intense TMS (in my case extreme nerve pain) I’m finally free of it. I know it’s linked to my thoughts and emotions. I know how to change my mindset. I know how lucky I am to have my life. I’m finally in tune with music again and dancing free!

Cute bunny noses, little bunny paws, sweet ickle bunnies relaxing, bunnytastic times. Yay for bunnies! (When they’re behaving 🤣). Anyone ever watched a bunny dig? Speedy is an understatement. A cloud of paws. Whooooosh. Amazing.

Happy to say that Late Nite Harp is now available in all your favourie podcast players and I’ve just uploaded episode 2. Woo! Prepare to bathe in harp music.

My new ‘heart melting bunny moment’ - the way they wash their furry face with their cute little furry front paws. Soft, sleepy bunnies basically playing peekaboo. Everything’s cute. Everything’s furry. Everything’s right with the world watching a bunny wash. 😍

Oh Pickles. Or should I say Poopy McPoopface. Please try and use your litter tray. The others manage. When I come down in the morning, your side looks like you’ve had the rave of your life. I’ve cleaned up thousands of your little poops you little monkey. 💩💩💩💩💩

Well that was fun and unexpected. Love the rainbow hair too.

Ever been licked by a rabbit? I was for the first time tonight. Sooooo cuuute. 😍

Let's Talk Tech - So Long Chromebook

As I wait excitedly for my Chinese takeaway I thought I’d update you on my Chromebook sitch. I originally bought it for writing. It was working well with an amazing keyboard until pressing return for a new line in Android apps broke completely. Annoying. And now I’m exploring a more professional sound recording setup I needed Reaper, which isn’t possible on ChromeOS (Linux yes but beyond flakey).

So I’ve gone back to an eight year old Macbook Air and it feels great. I’ve got the old keyboard too. This makes me happy after all the stories I’ve heard about the new ones. Reaper’s installed. How fab is Reaper?! It feels super stable and I can do so much more now. I could have kept the Asus for watching stuff as the screen is top quality but turns out I’m ok with a slightly lower res screen because as long as I’m engrossed in a story, I forget about the screen mighty quick. I’d rather get some money back especially while Ebay has £1 selling fees this weekend. Woo! It was a good experience but a real computer is more powerful and flexible for my current needs.

Halloween Magic 👻

27: A spooky episode reflecting on childhood memories, the spirit within us, signs that speak to us, inner truths and passing on.

Pumpkin. Bright as a button. Dandelion muncher.

I’m so excited to share the first episode of my new podcast Late Night Harp. It’s a place to feel soothed. A place to relax. A place to dive deep into magical melodies. Please enjoy.