Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Awwww doggos. I do love you.

Call me Miss Decadence today. Treats are well and truly happening! This was a scrumptious layered lemon cake…moist, creamy, tangy. The one shot cappuccino was soft and chocolatey. The place Bread-Source was peaceful, simple, Nordic and calm. I sat in the garden. Bliss.


Strangers Coffee Shop, Norwich. Edgy cool cafe. I sat outside as it’s tiny. One of those cafes which feels super serious about coffee. Great foam art. Very strong cappuccino for me. I must remember to ask for one shot. Carrot cake - top notch. Yum.

Feels great to be out walking a new city. Discovering places with innocent eyes. Laughing, playing, eating cake. I’m on a cake crawl! Flowing with local energy which intermingles with my own. Life has presented a few challenges this week so I’m happy to be out kissing octopus.

There’s a lot of Morris Dancing going on today.


There’s some crazy cat magic going on in this photo.


I love flint.


‘Tis a lovely, sunny, warm day isn’t it Salmon?

Chainsaw and Harp: an Exploration

15: My mobile studio is right next to where a load of guys are currently using chainsaws. I thought I’d embrace the situation and noise and play some harp. I came up with the simple melody today after my dance. Here I’m having a riff on it with Cave reverb on.

Useful. Thank you beachside cafe.

Sheringham, Norfolk

Late Night Harp

14: Harp stories, how I got into harp, what harps I’ve had and some harp playing tooooo.

Such a sweepy catto. Completely passed out earlier. Whiskers twitching. On some mad adventure most likely.

This lovely fluffy pudding enjoyed a bit of stimulation earlier. She sits down a lot and I wanted to challenge her ancient athletic catness. So I danced, twisted and moved about with a cool stick I found in the garden. We were both happy. And stimulated. 😃


Attachment, Mind-Body Connection and Creative Flow

13: I talk about the dangers of feeling attached to things and about working through pain and change. I talk about flowing with creative energy and taking in life changing experiences with love and positivity.

New Housesit, New Cattos, New Dancefloor

12: I’ve arrived at my next housesit. I talk about recent adventures, sweet cats and new sensations in the autumnal breeze.

The assignment of ‘taming the scaredy catto’ is in full swing. And those white fluffy boots (which I definitely can’t touch, but can’t help but touch) remind me of bantam hen legwarmers 😊).

Making friends.

More yummy textures.


I’ve enjoyed walking over these. They’re so smooth I could even skip. 😃