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We met Merry the Cornish Rex again. We met her guardians too (cats don’t have owners you know). Her ripply, velvety coat shone in the sunshine. She’s sweet and playful. She goes to the park for an hour each day and her hobby is chasing things that fly. She’s a real little pixie.

Cat Tails - Kiki

46 - I only spent a few days with little Kiki. She left a lasting impression. This is her story.

Cat Tails - Don

45 - This story is about Don, a British Shorthair who wasn’t quite all there.

I made another little video for one of my song performances. I’ve used video clips this time of nature and endearing moments I experienced on my travels. I’ve been experimenting with the little hand drawn graphic elements of Filmora 9 too.

Fancy exquisite chocolate? Look no further than these Happy Hippo biscuits for kids. By far the creamiest, truffliest white chocolate i’ve tasted. And value wise, they’re amazing. Wins all round. How cute are they when you open them up? I almost feel guilty biting its head off!

Murky Bottoms

I love swimming. I’m aerodynamically designed to swim. Swimming out of my depth is fine too, as long as I can see the bottom. But swimming in Loch Ard presents a real challenge because it’s full of peat and peat means a murky bottom. And I don’t like murky bottoms.

There are bright red buoys anchored in a large, loose circle far out in the open water, away from the safety of the shore. They’re swim buoys for distance swimmers who want to go for miles. I’m one of those swimmers but since watching Jaws (and other horror films) too young, that first scene has stayed with me. It has stunted me and left me with feelings of anxiety that I haven’t been able to shake.

Can’t see the bottom? Definitely not going any further and swimming back to the shallows as fast as possible! Eeeeek.

I’ve swam in Loch Ard four times now. The first two I just romped about in the shallows. The silt bed was my guide. I was safe and free from the heebie jeebies of all unknown fears because I felt in control of escape.

The third time I saw two women swimming out to one of the buoys as I was sitting on the shore. It spurred me on. By the time I’d got changed they were out of the water but I was ready to give it a go. The intention was there. I said goodbye to safety and started out. The sky was overcast. As I made my way to open water I started feeling uneasy. The water was so clear in front of me. I could see my arms powering along, crystal clear. But the backdrop was blackness. It was unsettling. My mind started racing and imagining all the possible monster fish that might swim up to get me. I was back in a horror film, just before something terrifying happens. I couldn’t take it. I turned back. I tried hard but the fear outweighed the gain. I swam back as fast as I could to Simon and gave him a cuddle. He was my den.

I got to thinking about what would help me get over this fear. It was a shame it was holding me back. I longed to swim far in one direction, without needing to turn around like doing lengths in a pool. Sure I swim across, but I wanted to swim out. More people being in the water would help. More people swimming out to the buoys, definitely. And then I wondered how much sunshine had a part to play. When the sun hits the water in this loch, it sparkles gold. It’s so beautiful. There’s no blue here but gold sparkles and sunbeams - there are millions of those.

The fourth time I went swimming in Loch Ard was a warm day full of bright sunshine. I wasn’t planning on a huge swim, I was simply happy to be in the water for one more summertime splash. There was certainly a passion and a desire to swim a long way but I’d put those hopes to bed after being scared senseless last time. This time I swam the opposite way to usual. I saw some other people head over there so followed them. They were a long way off and they’d survived. Bonus!

As the sun shone down, I kept swimming. As sun rays hit the water, danced on the surface, I kept swimming. They made me feel safe. They made me feel magical. As I found my rhythm, I found my freedom and started to swim to the red buoy. All of a sudden I was on my way, no turning back and going to make it. My fears were under control. I focused on those dancing rays that lit up my path and kept the darkness at bay. I had some internal struggles. Distant leaves floating on the water made me look twice and emotions from the past couple of months reared their heads but my sense of freedom and exertion, of pounding my body into pure, fresh water and feeling my heartbeat pump away quashed those anxieties. I was purifying myself in this water. It was my friend. I was becoming The Queen of the Seals.

I reached the first buoy hungry for more. This was my realm. My body is more happy in water than anywhere else. I decided to swim across to another buoy far far away. And so began my deep water swim, releasing all tensions and simply celebrating being a mermaid in the sunshine.

It’s sad to think of traumas getting in the way of this wonderful experience. After what seemed like an age I reached the second buoy before swimming back to shore with a big smile on my face and wobbly arms (front crawl all the way).

We don’t often get to conquer our old demons. I’m glad I took the opportunity to have a go and succeed.

Magical mossy moments.

What types of people attract narcissists?

Something super duper magical happened in the park this afternoon. We were lying on the grass, waiting for the ping pong table to become available when out of nowhere a little Cornish Rex kitten came bounding over onto our rug, laid down and asked for strokes (her hair was sooooo rippley 😻). Cats aren’t a usual occurrence in that park (are they in any?) especially in a park full of excitable kids.

It was made even more magical by the fact that it was a ‘Rex’ breed because this is a breed of cat we’re really drawn to. We’d heard great things about their friendly, pixie like personalities and it was a bonus them having hypoallergenic hair. They’d eluded us on our housesitting travels and I always felt I’d missed out on spending time with them. And then this little sprite called Meredith came to say hi. She seemed to gravitate towards us. She snuggled up to me and just wanted to be close. And along came the children, crowding round, unable to keep their hands off her. She didn’t mind. They were gentle. And even when they weren’t, she politely told them they were being too rough.

She was so much fun, the children chased her round but she wasn’t frightened or fazed. She ran all over the place leaping for flies, climbing trees, hiding in the willow, as a trail of kiddos snaked after her, magnetised. She loved being around all the people. She loved life.

What a delightful catto.

Oh my goodness i’m so happy. If this isn’t some kind of sign about something or other I don’t know what is. Maybe it was just to remind me that i’m back in my true heart. Back where I belong in myself. Attracting goodness and joy and light and innocence.

We saw where she lived on her tag so we’re going to pay her guardians a visit and find out her story and say hello. Maybe she’s got a sister?!

Even though it’s not quite the time to get our own catto yet, the thought of being able to go to the park to see her is more than enough. Yay for Meredith catto for brightening my day!!!

Please meet my special Ombar. This is a real treat. It even got delivered straight to my hand by lovely Simon (thanks Simon). A posh chocolate such as this is a luxury these days. It’s smooth and creamy and filled with joy and fairies. If you ever get the chance, I recommend.

Chapter 1 - This is Holly

44 - Wow, what a week. I finally got a letter from my mum. This is what happened next.

I acknowledge you! - Reddit article

The Empath and The Narcississt - Dr Ramani

Just posted a new video to my YouTube channel after a looooong break. I’m experimenting using Wondershare Filmora9 (what a mouthful!) to link beautiful scenes and music together. First one has been a lot of fun. It’s so nice to remember all the magical places I’ve visited. I’m a lucky girl. Long may the adventures and creative spirit continue.

Another Loch Ard swim day. The water was like marble and deliciously fresh. This swim was later in the day as the sun was setting so I didn’t stay looking this relaxed for long as the midges were out in full force! I love to immerse in pure water. My skin feels so smooth now.

I found the most magical woodland yesterday. As it has no name on the map, I’m going to call it mossy woods. It made me cry it was so beautiful. I was overwhelmed. The moss and lichen were exquisite. So many varieties. I love moss! I felt like I’d walked into another realm.

My mermaid mode still isn’t convinced about hill walking. She certainly protested on the way up Duncryne Hill, a mini hill known as ‘The Dumpling’. The views of Loch Lomond sure made up for the lack of bench at the top.

benches on 🏔 tops = obvious addition for mermaid comfort

Celebrating sweet Georgie’s meow (again).

Cat Tails - Georgie

43 - Cat Tails - Georgie the gentle giant.

Cat Tails - Leo

42 - The surly Burmese catto with naughty tendencies looking to cause trouble wherever he roameth.

A Head Full of Messy

41 - In today’s podcast I discuss how I’m trying to save my mind from being caught up in negative, looping emotions. I talk about what’s working for me, how the family situation is going and what the future holds.

Letting Go Meditation - Trudy Wendelin

This always makes me smile.

A victory today. It may not look like much, but being a person with little balance, going up or down stairs like these can make me freeze and panic. This was part of a pathway to the waterfalls at Campsie Glen. Some parts were super steep and challenging. Thank you walking poles.

I’m taking a more serious approach to singing now. I love singing. I want to nuture it. I’ve had compliments about my tone being crystalline so want to exercise my voice each day and not take it for granted. Here’s my fav singing teacher who gives me a nice grounding (and doesn’t talk too much). I’m also practising lip trills - a new exercise for me. They help connect and smooth out the different areas of my vocal range. They feel flippin hilarious to do. It took me a while to build up to doing them at any kind of volume. As a kid I probably did this all the time without feeling silly. Oh how times change.

I’ve got a huge source of online knowledge now. It’s brilliant. And also funny because I’m living in an echoey flat so get the giggles each day as I do all these mad exercises with my neighbours listening in. Feels good to be fine tuning my tools though.

Enjoy watching this video from Rebecca Vocal Athlete. She’s so much fun. She’s a singing teacher who reacts to songs sent to her by her fans. She’s got a fab personality and her vibrancy is catching. Yay.

What’s the wackiest thing you’ve seen a cat do?

Dug deep today to dance through the trauma in my mind. Wanted something I could really groove to so signed up for 3 months of free yt without ads and found this awesome set from Camo and Crooked in the Alps. So good to dance, reflect and heal with snowy mountains for company.💃

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Falkirk Wheel! A feat of engineering for the canal boat industry but the kiddo in red was more interested in eating a ‘Serene Bar’ than paying attention to the ensuing rotation. I understand kid. I wish I’d had a Serene bar. Sounds amazing.