Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

My happy place.

Pebbled seashore and foamy waves in the evening sun

May light infuse your heart.

Girl with long silver hair smiling at camera close up

Meet Mischief. A sweet little soul. 21 years young and wholly unimpressed with my fluent β€˜Cat’ talk. Love a calico!

Calico cat on a chair

Fairies welcome.

Bright bed of flowers including daffodils and primulas

Moody magnificence.

Sky and lake at sunset in a blue hue with a line of yellow on the horizon, the clouds reflect in the water along with a line of streetlights to the left of the frame

Happy happy joyful times. And a communion cake. Yay!

Holly and Simon standing in front of a church altar hugging and smilingHolly and Simon cutting into a cake, happy and joyful

The flower bed is looking mighty fairylike these days.

colourful flowerdbed with daffodils, red pom pom flowers, primulas and succulents, lots of green bright lushness

The magnificent Ranunculus. Sent with shining love to kind hearted souls around the world.

bright red Ranunculus

pink primula planted in front of a dusky pink Ranunculus in a bed of dark soil and greenery

Time for primula planting πŸŽ‰

Purple and pink primulas close up

Meet Frankie. My dear friend’s doggo. He’s 100% the bestest boi. He loves playing tug and feels like a lil lamb to the touch. He got joyful zoomies in the back garden earlier and it was the sweetest thing ever. I luvs Frankleberry.

Grey fluffy dog with brown eyes looking at the camera

Here are three exquisite prayers from Cardinal A Newman. He was so poetic and graceful with his words.

I found some beautiful harp melodies during my practise session tonight and I’m full of gratitude that I can share them with you now.

Beautiful flower by Andreas Kretschmer.

atmospheric picture of a yellow flower in the mist

Yesterday was the day I sowed tomato seeds in the church garden. It’s great to be back volunteering with kind souls. I’m so elated! Although it was chilly and windy (have you ever tried sowing tomato seeds in the wind? 😜) I really enjoyed it. Yay! πŸ… Roll on sunshine please. β˜€οΈ

Holly drinking tea in a black hoodie in front of a red brick wallTrays of soil with tomato seeds in them

Happy Friday!! Got a cracker of a cloud this evening πŸ’œ

Do you like gardening? I love planting flowers and bulbs. I love propagating seeds (one day I’ll have a little greenhouse 🀞🏽). There’s something about colourful flowers at the base of magical trees that always makes my heart giddy. I think it’s the fairy in me πŸ˜„πŸ§šπŸΌβ€β™€οΈβœ¨

Little red flowers planted in front of a weathered old tree trunk

In this video, you’ll experience all the life, all the colour, all the sounds of a rainforest and some gentle, whimsical harp wandering around in the background. πŸ’š

Thanks David Clode for this lovely green tree frog cover image. All images for this video were taken from Unsplash, with gratitude. πŸ’™

Prayers of light and grace with celestial harp. Full of beauty and wisdom. By A Newman. Glorious cover by Justin Ha. 🌷

Colourful tulips in the sunshine

Orange sunset over a large lake

Happy Mothering Sunday to all the mothers, all the universal mothers, who do kind deeds for others, who nurture, who guide, who clean up after, who console, who support, who sacrifice. You are loved! πŸ’•

statue of the Virgin Mary surrounded by flowers and angels on a red carpet at the front of church

Super shiny berry goodness

Green leafy plants and red shiny berries in front of a blue sky

A relaxing half hour with harp and beautiful waves. I’ve had great feedback about this piece helping my dear friends find a state of tranquillity and deep sleep. I hope it does the same for you.

starfish on the beach in black and white

This is such a happy hymn. I remember singing it in a ceremony for a dear friend who was giving birth at the time and needed support from the heavens. Her daughter arrived safely that night. Alleluia! Keep on loving dear little stars πŸ’—

Cover image by Mayur Gala πŸ’›

hands making a heart shape with a low, yellow sun framed in the background

Oh yes. Let’s get sunned 🀩 (got a new grabby thing for litter picking and bamboo canes for gardening πŸ˜‡).

Lady with long silver hair, blue hat and sunglasses on sitting at the beach with the sun shining on her.

This hymn has been close to my heart for a very long time. I have so many memories of singing it during ceremonies and I will carry on singing and celebrating it forever and always. May Our Dear Holy Mother of Light and Love protect and nourish your heart.

Beautiful rose by Ivan Jevtic.

close-up of a rich red rose

This hymn is by Peter Madden and based on John 14. I used to love singing it at school during assembly. It’s been with me a long time. It’s repeated 10 times because it’s so short and I wanted to celebrate it over and over! After each rendition there are 10 seconds of space to meditate and reflect.

a sunset scene over a green landscape with valley views towards a red, soon to set, sun