Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

If you fancy a 12 minute seascape of serenity in the heart of the ocean featuring hypnotic whale song, look no further than my new Late Nite Harp episode : )

This is Heartbeat of the Sea.

Here’s a special, sacred hour of a deep, ocean soundscape. This is Cosmic Ocean. Travel into the heart of the ocean, experience the rhythm of the sea. Whales weave in and out of waves. This is a healing water song for deep peace, relaxation and sleep.

Super happy about my new Cosmic Harp project over on YouTube. I’m experimenting with sound waves and creating hour long deep relaxation journeys where you can astral travel and meditate to super expansive sounds. Introducing Cosmic Dream. Woo! And chillax….

Scottish Fold Cattos = Absolute Love Bugs

And what a cool furry family this lil girl has.

Yes I’m missing cattos.

Let’s Rave Baby!

Image by Martin Lopez

A watery, soothing cosmic harp journey to lull and relax over on Late Nite Harp today. La Navigatrice II is taken from my new album and is quite fitting for the mood in Glasgow at the moment where misty rain has been tickling my skin.

Image is by Engin Akyurt

Introducing Opera Doggo, good boi!

We put our child in charge for a day – it was both terrifying and freeing.

Life feels exciting when new music is being made. The creativity fairy is back in town and I’m dancing to her tune. Loving the new reverb toys I’m playing with woo! New experiments in sound are taking place. I always want to keep my cosmic harp music moving forward.

Absolutely loved this set from Cosmic Gate. So many old tunes. I was back in the Opera House in 1999, giving the air some lovin with my outstretched arms. Super duper uplifting melodies with an awesome NYC sky. Happy vibing times, friends.

I was in a cerebral state last night and decided on a new way of picking a movie. I closed my eyes, scrolled for a while, back and forth, then clicked. Shadow in the Cloud came out. I had no idea what to expect. And I liked it like that. It’s a new way of finding a film for me….without my pre-conceived judgements clouding me. I’ll give it ten minutes and if it holds my attention, I’m off. I wasn’t disappointed with this one, despite the low reviews I found afterwards. You’ll love it or you’ll hate it. This is now a cult status film for me about feminism and female strength in the male dominated world of 1943. I loved being constantly surpirsed because I hadn’t seen the trailer. I couldn’t believe where the film went. It just kept getting better and better. Definitely Twilight Zone material. Chlöe Grace Moretz was a total badass and a great actor.

The soundtrack, by Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper, is a beautiful, synthy, 80s style offering and I’m totally and completely in love with it.

So this is my new way of doing films. Exciting. Who knows where it’s going to take me.

For those of you who love Halloween (or have to love Halloween because of the kiddos : ) here are some party cake ideas : )

I was featured in Good Health Magazine. Woo!

Something that’s really making me smile at the moment.

This one too.

Catz rule yeah!

ps Oh gosh, I’ve just found….Big Billy…

This is my new favourite song by Haki R. Madhubuti And Nation - Rain Forest recorded in 1984. It includes the most beautiful poem ever. The soul and passion from the whole track is mind blowing and emotional. I’ve included the beginning. You can find the whole poem here.

Miss Monique’s latest set from Turkey. Here she is smiling in the sunshine. Dance on peeps!

Yay for Cocoa Puff!

It’s Bandcamp Friday - a fab time to be supporting independent artists over on Bandcamp! I’m introducing one of my favourite pieces from La Navigatrice over on Late Nite Harp today. This is Unfurling. May you all be full of smiles today.

My favourite tune right now. Dreamy, funky, ethereal, floaty. Thunder has helped cat napp gain more exposure after it was featured in a pivotal scene of Unorthodox. I’m obsessed. Great series too.

Wild dolphins play catch with their favorite person. A magical story.

4am cycle through the city streets. Silence, followed by early morning robins. I love late night cycles. Just me and the world.

Miss Monique coming at ya with her weekly progressive house set. Lush, deep, soulful grooves in this one and lots of exotic flavours. Very nice vibes and beats tonight.

I’m in one of those moods where I can happily sit and watch 1000 colourful macarons being made by some talented bakers. Oooo and some little mooncake bunnies too.

Autumnal park vibes.

Thank you to all those who bought my album on Bandcamp, it was super sweet of you and I hope it’s given you some ethereal moments. Here’s a little thank you in the form of a virtual, decadent, chocolate cake to enjoy : ) Wishing everyone a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!