Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Opening night of the new season with the Scottish Symphony Orchestra featuring Mahler’s 4th Symphony. Exhilarating to the senses. The word mental came up a few times. 😂

What’s your favourite composer and symphony/concerto?

I love Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto no. 2.

I had the pleasure of meeting this Red Admiral today. What a beauty.

Red admiral butterfly

I’m like a moth to a flame when it comes to the Blackpool illuminations.

Bright white sign of light saying BlackpoolBlackpool tower at night. Rainbow litNeon rainbow icecream

Yes please.🍰 which one do you fancy??

Cake shop counter

It’s only 45 mins to get to the sea from here (the promenade). Easy 😂 first holiday in 4 years woo! Back in England 😎

A magical flower for your day 💕

Bright pink cosmos flower

Cabbages are so beautiful.

a bed of luscious cabbages with purple veins

And French Marigolds are so fancy.

vibrant orange and red French marigolds

Happy Friday! This is a gloriously sweeping harp journey full of joy and vibrancy. It ebbs and flows and has an uplifting energy to it as it dances across the strings. It’s also pensive and emotive and offers you a warm, wise embrace.

Lovely image by Cristian Palmer.

Tinto Hill in the distance and the setting sun opposite.

Scottish countryside at dusk with Tinto Hill in the middle of the shotA setting sun with rays casting light upwards into a cloud

Being 200m above sea level means there’s a freshness which makes my heart sing and my skin tingle with goosebumps when I arrive back from the warm city. Sometimes it can be ferociously windy up here. Today it’s peaceful and just lovely.

Girl with red glasses standing on top of a Scottish hill

Summer in Scotland.

woman with red bobble hat and glasses on gasping at camera in surprised disbelief

Magical Glasgow moments in Merchant City and City Halls.

Ascending, grand red carpet of stairs with a wooden balustrade and black iron railings. Fairy lights and vibrant colours on the ceiling of a warehouse.

A misty morning.

Jackdaw flying over the countryside. It’s misty with the sun breaking through in the background

Hello dear family, I would love you to listen to this sermon from Father Andrew Robinson. The first time I heard his gentle words I had tears streaming down my face.

Recorded at St Mary’s Church, Lanark. Stunning image by Rudbjerg Knude.

A white church set against a blue sea

A vase of birthday wild flowers is a real treat. The buttercups gleam gold in the light.

As a kid, birthday cards were a bit of a boring process and left to open last. These days, at age 44, I cherish them and love how colourful and artistic they are. I feel I could reach into these pictures and enter their worlds 😸 I think I already do.

I never knew spotty socks could bring me so much joy.

A row of colourful, spotty socks

This awesome harp journey features psychedelic, relaxing cat purrs along with melodic, dreamy harp. I love cat purrs, they’re so soothing. This purrscape features four different purrs all intertwined.

Here’s the gorgeous Buzz being totally handsome as usual. He’s my cat crush.

close up of a blue point burmese cat's face, eyes closed, bathed in sunlight.

This is a beautiful prayer repeated five times and accompanied by ambient harp music. Call on Mary to pray for you. Send up your worries to her and feel the embrace of Her divine grace and love. This is a prayer of comfort and radiance.

Image by Gustavo Belemmi.

Statue of Virgin Mary with her arms outstretched to a blue sky

A heavenly sky 💙

Happy to have a smidge of blue sky now and again (and dare I say sunshine?!). You certainly get it when you can in Scotland!

Clouds and pine trees

There were lots of fast moving, bright, lovely clouds today.

Landscape view of fields with white clouds and blue sky

Joyful donuts in the city woo! First port of call obviously 😄🍩😄🍩😄

coffee and donutring donut with hundred and thousands sprinkled on top

I did enjoy this father-son moment as they knocked at someone’s door. Dad’s face is just the best 😂 comments are fun.