Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

What a cutie.

So much drama for a Sunday.

Find the joy in the ruffness.

Yorkshire terrier in front of a spoonful of squirty cream.

A misty evening full of delicious, soft rain. The scent of the sea invigorated me.

This Prodigy album is my mood completer today. These last two weeks have been incredibly challenging, emotionally and physically, and this album is the perfect remedy for the outer madness. Classic tunes from my youth. So creative.

Fire sky.

Surveying her Queendom.

Yorkie on the beach looking out to sea

Grateful for these heavenly sunsets.

Looked into my beloved’s eyes for the first time in almost two weeks. They may only have been his virtual eyes, but they still made me weep with emotion, for it’s there, where I find my solace and love.

There’s just too much beauty to fathom.

Sunset reflections on the beach in pools of water

Rosie took herself onto the beach last night. I’d been warned she didn’t like sand, so was pleasantly surprised when off she went, behaving like a puppy, free as a little seabird. It warmed my heart, as the beach is where I would take her, all those years ago, hundreds of miles south of here.

Dog walking into the beach at sunset

Exquisite colours.

The majesty.

A joyful late night swim for some folk. What a sky.

Where do I begin with last night’s sunset?! 😍

Rosie Posie. Sniffer extraordinaire. Super slow in her twilight years. A stubborn lil minx. I used to be able to hold her in the palm of my hand. 🤍

Blessed by clouds this weekend.

The magic of clover.

Despite the chaos in my life at the moment, I’m glad I can still see the calm.

The windsurfer was pleased with this shot. Perfect timing as he was coming out the water quite near to me. It’s not often that I get to share my sea shots with my ‘subjects’ as they’re usually well out and truly out on the water, doing what they love.

windsurfer surfing the waves against a backdrop of evening sunset rays beaming down on the horizon

Blissful sight tonight here in Scotland on the west coast.

Had to take an emergency trip to Scotland and now I’m looking after this lil pupper. She’s a strong will, this one.

Yorkshire terrior looking at camera