Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

It was a special day on Saturday, when Our Lady was crowned. My dear friend has this amazing Mary statue in her garden and it was a beautiful moment to witness her crowning. Along with some lovely, sweet friends, we prayed, we sang, we cried, we laughed, and we ate lots of cake and trifle! A wonderful, holy time of sacred sharing and honouring. The sun parted the grey skies and all was well and full of joyful reflection. Even got to hang out with my favourite doggo Frankie.

Our Lady, Virgin Mary statue with a crown of flowers.Holly sitting on the grass with Frankie the grey, floofy dog lying at her feet.

Jam tart anyone? I was baking a lot for church last week and it was the moment of the humble jam tart, I chose to focus on. Now, a jam tart can be hit or miss depending on the pastry. Luckily, I got to experiment with a few recipes and found the best best pastry recipe ever, so each bite became a melt in the mouth experience, yum! Pastry ten minutes out of the oven has to be one of my all time favourite delicacies. Here we have raspberry, plum, peach and lemon curd.

My friend Hilary got the recipe from her friend Miriam, so she’s always called it Miriam’s Pastry - 250g plain flour + 175g unsalted butter, rubbed together to make bread crumbs. Stir in 20g caster sugar + 1 egg. 1tbsp water if needed. Rest in fridge, wrapped 40 mins. 200’C for 18mins. The filling is up to you!

piles of jam tarts in hues of reds and yellows on two blue plates

Yep, still obsessed with clouds.

Wistful white clouds against a seashore landscape.

Early morning beach lushness. There’s a gentle peace at that time. I love basking in it. Cannae see a thing though without me sunnies on. 😎

Big, playful doggo. Strong, steady lady.

Beach scene with a lady walking her dog,  rocks in front of her,  mountains in the distance.

The sea, she shines.

Sun glinting on the sea

A special stillness this morning.

Boating lake,  still and calm with boat reflections in the morning light

“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside”

Holly on the beach at sunset, smiling, wearing a bright orange shawl

A special sunset.

Red sky over the water at sunset with a ferry sailing by in the centre

It’s my little, furry, magical green friend.

I love stroking it.

Bright green furry moss on a stone wall

Happy Friday!! Isn’t moss wonderful?

Here’s a recording of some delightful birdsong from my trip to Yorkshire, this time set against the bright, musical backdrop of the golden sun rising in the sky at dawn. It’s an uplifting piece, sparkly, joyful, and bursting with light. This is Shining Sun.

Holly playing harp in Yorkshire against a backdrop of rolling, green hills

Epic set. Hypnotic. Enticing. Delicate. A melding of trance and techno at its finest. A journey. A dance with the light. A dance up to the celestial planes. Great comments. Shine on ravers 😎 Ki/Ki.

Woman on the decks in a club

How lucky to see the Aurora in Fleetwood last night. It was worth getting out of bed for! I’m sure many people are saying that. Our world of wonder hey?

Pink and green aurora in the skyAurora over a boating lake with green reflections in the waterA row of houses lit by streetlights and a pink aurora shining above

Well, these two have just blown me away to my happy cloud. Feels like a mash up of all my fav rave genres of the 90s. Funky, driving, melodic, bouncy, playful. SO good! Totally loving these vibes. Oh yeah. Thanks boys. 💃🏻 Bad Boombox b2b Funk Tribu at Intercell Indoor 2024.

djs in a club laughing together on the decks.

20 degrees here in Harrogate. This lassie can hardly believe it. 😎

Woman with sunglasses sitting in the sun

Holly playing her harp in the countryside

Pink spring flowers in the foreground and rolling green hills in the background

Good morning. Happy Monday. I was lucky enough to play harp before this view yesterday. The air was balmy, the birds were bright and I was peaceful. Love to all. 💖

Landscape of rolling green Yorkshire hills with the sun shining over them

Dear sweet Frankiebobbles, wants to be part of everything, including the custard tart! 💛

Curly haired dog with grey hair looking at camera with big brown eyesClose up of a custard tart with a dog paw print in the middle

Happy morning vibes from Mr Pigeon.

Wood pigeon feeding on a bed full of flowers

A five minute powerful affirmation boost. Keep remembering to trust yourself and discern what’s best for you. You’ve got this. Make healthy choices. It’ll help you to heal and shine. Lovely image by Bart Larue, with thanks.

I used to love candy floss. A big, bright ball of pink fluffiness was a wonder to behold and a tasty caramelised treat. These days my wool duster substitutes such sweet pleasures quite well… minus the eating part. I also love its floofiness.

White wool duster held up like candy floss

Let’s flow into Saturday like a gloriously pink, wispy, joyful cloud 😁

Pink landscape sunset with distant mountains and a lone winter tree in the distant centre