Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

An ancient flagstone floor in a farmhouse kitchen is my new dance space. It’s rustic, warm and high-tech here. There’s painted joy on the walls and positive words abound along with hundreds of fun fridge magnets telling of adventures past. Iā€™m going to enjoy dancing here.

….are messy and cute. These six weeks are going to be fun!


how can you not @kaa with a sign like this on their door šŸ˜ƒ

Aw. Her friend turned up.

Cafe Doggo aka The Bristolian. Iā€™m funking out to smooth beats in here. With chilled out staff, deliciously squidgy chocolate brownies, amazing Golden Mylk and breakfast on the way, Iā€™m feeling like this is going to be an amazing day. And we’re meeting our new bunnies later on šŸ„³

Well that looks comfy Mouse.

Oh how cute.

Positive words.

Amazing Bristol street art.

Sweet Mouse. It’s good to see you again though you can’t see me so well anymore. What a scamp you used to be. Chasing badgers through the woods. You’d run so fast after them wouldn’t you? Now you prefer snuggles and warmth. You’ve still got that piercing bark and awoooo though.šŸ˜‰

High Queen Orla

Your Majesty, High Queen Orla. Thank you for gracing us with your presence. To even have stroked one tuft of fur on your body felt like all my Christmases had come at once. Your fluffy coat is something to behold, O Great One. I lament not being able to hear your foghorn meow anymore. It was always heard clearly on the farthest of shores. May you sleep soundly on your palacial throne and eat all the fishiest of foods in the world.

Rafferty, you’re in your prime little man. You’re fast, fluffy and can catch a fake butterfly like no other. As long as you stay away from high rooves, your humans will be just fine. Go floof the whole world dear Raff. It needs you.

Cheerio Hudson. You charmer. Cuddle demander. Big softy. Tabletop lazer. Warm snuggly floofer who has the most delightful smelling long, luxurious fur.

Will miss this old gentleman. He spends more time here than his actual home. He hoovers up all the food left behind by the posh cats. He’s always grateful for a stroke and loves the underfloor heating. He can hunt with his eyes closed but doesn’t bother anymore. A wise old soul.

Psychic Vampires

25: Tonight I reflect upon my social interactions of days gone by and how in the past, I tended to end up in the company of energy zapping people aka psychic vampires. Then I talk about how moving forward I hope to make more balanced, positive, nourishing friends.

Original song by me - You’ll Always Be

‘Your feet smell’

My fav feline floofer.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta stop and eat a Double Decker with the ducks.

Happy snoozle boy.

Happy happy jumping boy.

The Ivy. Winchester. A bit of posh glitz.

Mid yawn.

Blessed are the Cracks for they Let in the Light

24: I talk about dealing with worry, my mind’s ability to lay booby traps for my body, confronting past traumas, seeking attention, feeling squeamish, how to stay positive amidst emotional stress, protecting myself against chatty people and being a brave warrior.

Cover song - I’ll Fly for You - Carnival Row Soundtrack