Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Steamy sunset. It’s not hot steam though πŸ˜…πŸ₯Ά

Bare winter trees with sun setting behind

The glory.

Sunrise in the countryside of Scotland

I very much enjoy a toffee with my coffee.

Mug of coffee and three toffees in orange wrappers

Now the leaves have dramatically blown away and the garden is full of leaf drifts, the view beyond the beech trees has returned and is as glorious as ever.

tree trunk silhouettes against a blue cloudy sky

Golden reeds against a blue sky

This is the view from my new studio window. I’ll be touching down there in three weeks. How wonderful to be greeted by this pure white dove the first time I looked out of it. It feels like it was meant to be and the Holy Spirit was saying β€˜all is well, just trust and keep the faith’.

Shot from a window of blue skies, sea in the distance and a white dove perched on the roof of a house

Black and white landscape of trees and hills against the sky

Happy Friday! What a moody, mysterious day it is today. It’s the kind of dreich weather that makes your toes cold πŸ₯Ά This back garden view is what makes where I live so special. I’ll miss it (but not walking up the hills).

countryside view of a valley with pine trees and a misty sky with the sun trying to shine through

I’m a sucker for pom poms so I’m obviously elated with this new string of them accompanying me in my studio space. Every time I look at these colourful beauties I do a little dance. It’s the simple things that I love the most.

a pine cabinet with various plants on top and a string of colourful pom pom bunting underneath the shelf.

For the love of autumn πŸƒπŸ‚πŸβœ¨

Autumn trees through the frame of a window

Hooray a new release! It’s a calming, uplifting harp journey with a soundscape of a crackling fire to accompany. The music takes you on a warm voyage. Rest a while. Drop all your thoughts. Connect with cosiness, kick back and get snug. Let the music take you away. 🎢 This is Fireside Harp Vibes.


fire in a hearth

Friendly cats in my future neighbourhood town yippee!

white and tortie cat on a wall with foliage behindfemale in a red coat and hat stroking a cat on a wall

In the Middle Ages, there was thought to be a disease called “Tarantismo”, which was supposed to be caused by the bite of a tarantula. The only way of dealing with this was with music therapy and through the dance known as the Tarantella. This album of Tarantellas is hauntingly & energetically epic.

album cover for Tous Les Soleils by L'Arpeggiata

Happy smiling lady in a red hat and long silver hair by the sea

This glorious view could soon be my new back garden. Zooming into the horizon shows the grand hills of the beautiful Lake District. This is the north west coast of England and with God’s will, this quiet seaside town could be the place I call home before Christmas is out. Exciting times! 🌊

View of curving estuary at low tide and distant Lake District hills at dusk

Lexi’s eyelashes really are the best.

close-up of a brown and white pony in a field with very long, white eyelashes

I adore this harp journey.

It flies up up up into the ether of sound where magic and mystery reside. I feel healed having listened to it especially with the glorious addition of mystical wolf howls. Very special.

In B Minor accompanied by a wolf soundscape.


a female, sitting on a chair, looking at the camera in an orange t-shirt holding a harp.

Imagine the most powerful mother, full of love and compassion, shining Her light from the heavens. Wrapping us in a nurturing embrace. That’s what I feel when I say this prayer. There’s a cosy fireside soundscape and some haunting melodies to accompany. This is The Litany of The Blessed Virgin Mary.

Really enjoyed this dog behaviour video from the dog’s eye level. Super interesting with lots of different situations explained and slowed down to study the behaviour in detail, because as we know, everything happens so quickly when it comes to dog reactions.

puppy submissively play bowing before a belgium malinois

Smiley happy burgers have popped up on my route to swimming πŸ˜„πŸ”πŸ˜„

Colourful graffiti of burgers on a bridgeMore burger graffiti

Awesome lil Dodo. “The sun rises and sets with my two cats. Truly.”

wide eyed fluffy kitten playing with a cat toy

As a kid at the seaside, I loved nothing better than playing in amusement arcades on crane machines, trying to win the umpteenth cuddly toy or dropping 10p into a slot machine at the right moment and watching it fall down in the hopes of hearing that classic sound of coins falling out the other end. I was obsessed by the sights and sounds of seaside amusements. These days, I just like to watch other people succeed and try not to get too overwhelmed by the intense, repetitive music, weird smells and chaos going on all around me. Candy floss anyone?

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bright, colourful crane machines sitting in a row in an arcadeA collage of the blackpool illuminations at night, shining brightly

Yay! Happy Friday! My latest newsletter’s out! If you enjoy reading about happy, joyful things and looking at beautiful Scottish landscapes, you might like it πŸ˜„

dappled pink cloud against a pale blue sky at sunset with a silhouette of the land in the distance

Enjoying my new plant space and pine cabinet (it was supposed to be for books πŸ˜‚).

Pine shelf with plants and a lamp on it.

I’ve created an ethereal wolf soundscape. There are many different personalities here. A whole pack of wild wolves. And, together with resonant, deep and uplifting cosmic harp music, a realm of nature and musical mystery entwine. Find your own inner ‘awoooo’ with my latest release Cosmic Wolves.

wolves howling against a snowy, mountainous landscape