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Bye Bye Wuwing

This was our dear old car we called the Wuwing. We hoped she’d go on forever. We got her at 70,000 miles and she’s cost us a small fortune. We looked after her rather than buying replacements. Better the devil you know right? Well I’m wondering now for when we were housesitters on the road, we dealt with her engine blowing up and had no choice but to repair her. An expensive, long winded process involving hundreds of miles of travel and months of waiting to finally pick her up. After that happened 2 years ago we hoped she’d go on for a long time. But more parts started failing as of course happens with old cars and we realised she was too expensive to keep.

We’re at a point in our lives where money is tight and cars are expensive so we’ve decided to say goodbye to our Wuwing. With 150,000 miles on the clock, she’s done well and now she’ll be recycled and maybe become part of other cars.

She was our home when we travelled, a personal storage place we could turn to, a sleepy zone we could nap in, a safe space to return to, a relaxing place to eat in, our adventuring bright blue friend.

I’ll remember the numerous animal encounters she had, on her top, inside her doors, cats seemed to love her. She had a panoramic sunroof we could gaze out of up into the blue sky. We cloud watched, we counted seagulls, we saw stars. She represented freedom.

And now…? Now we wait to see what this year brings financially and with regards freedom of movement because we haven’t been able to travel out of a 5 mile radius for some months now.

The way forward is electric for sure. I’ve finally realised just how gross fuel is and I want to try something cleaner. I’m grateful for how it’s helped me in the past but now it’s time for a greener future.

Living in the city means we’re lucky enough to have electric cars close by for hourly hire so it’ll be a great experience to try them out. It’s a whole new way of driving and planning trips to get used to and I’m ok with that. It’s taken a whole year to let go of Wuwing, we relied on her for so long, to not have her, to not have constant access to a car felt very strange.

Now we are ready. Electric bike hire, a train station a short walk away and a BMW i3 on our doorstep means the start of a new chapter. Thanks for the memories Wuwing. We love you.

A new era is here.

Check out this badass depiction of Saint Michael by Vuk Kostic I’ve used in my new video. And this colourfully cosmic image from Agsandrew - I can’t get enough of those colours. You can see the full video here and I think it’s rather beautiful.

A meal fit for cat royalty. I love these videos so much. Such a nice channel about cats and Japanese cooking.

That’s me away with my annual addiction to physalis. I eat them until the ulcers come.

I made a video for my latest song Luar if you fancy some colourful, magical, sea inspired beauty.

Guess which one of the snow folk played Pikmin all day yesterday…🤔

Ooooo look what arrived in the post today. I’ve got a soft spot for these little creatures, always have, ever since the GameCube.

Trance music rescues me. What music rescues you?

There’s nothing like a bit of Paul Van Dyk with some shiny old school tunes to get me smiling. For an Angel was the tune back in the day to make my hands shoot in the air as I danced my heart out in an old opera house on a Friday night. Big praise for Music Rescues Me also 🎵 🌟

Celebrating salad as art form tonight with -10 degrees celsius outside I thought a big salad was in order. Ha. Along with piping hot lasagna of course 😉 Yummy!! Nommmmm! Happppppy! ❄️❤️❄️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❄️❤️❄️

I’m really into this parish council story - a zoom video gone viral about a tiny village meeting in England. I love Jackie Weaver, just as Andrew Lloyd Weber does, having now written a song in her name. I love this changing world and women taking control. Go Jackie Weaver!

My new favourite pastime is catching snowflakes in my mouth as they fall. Doggo mode initiated. The sheer delight when I get one (it’s harder than it looks) is what dreams are made of = tiny bits of floaty candy floss flying around. Yippeee.

I ❤️ being a grown up. Scones for tea it is then. 👍

Considering it hardly ever snows in Glasgow, now it’s become a fantasy world for a few days. Feeling like an excited kiddo (no change there then). Woo!

Happy snow pixies

Found a friendly Snow Angel

Snowy white/orange night.

Just started listening to a vocal anthems mix from Bryan Kearney, released a couple of days ago if you’re interested in joining me.

Here, have a ginger biscuit. Surprisingly smooth compared to the recipe but deliciously morish nonetheless.

Classic trance track from Signum coming at ya and I highly recommend his set from 2015 at the Luminosity Beach Party in the Netherlands. Love this kinda trance energy : )

Lovely people who listen to my music, I’d appreciate your help. I’m trying to figure out what genre of music I fall into. Any ideas? Lovely people who haven’t heard my style, here’s my latest creation Snowy White Night. Thanks : )

I never get tired of this sticky bun doggo video.

Fancy something exhilarating (and nail biting)? If you like a bit of adrenaline filled mountain biking, you’ll love this. Eeek.

My current favourite video in the whole wide world.