Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Just released a sweet, sparkly harp song about an old furry friend over on Late Nite Harp called Farewell Little One.

Image by Diego F. Parra

Fancy something exotic, passionate and mysterious? Here’s my latest cosmic harp journey Romanian Dream.

Photo by Pașca Daniel

Chilled vibes in the city in Royal Exchange Square. Ice-cream has been consumed. Happy days.

Watched Uncle Frank today. Poignant and heartfelt, I really loved it. It was funny, sweet and full of raw emotion. It was tragic too and reinforced (yet again) how difficult accepting others can be for some people and touched upon the challenging dynamics of a patriarchal family.

Delighted it’s mango season in India and Pakistan and all the local Asian shops are offering sweet boxes of juicy mangoes for sale. Deliciously creamy. Out of this world. They’ve traveled a long way to Glasgow and they were worth the wait. 🥭 🥭🥭❤️🧡💛

Absolutely adore this message from Maya Angelou - Love Liberates.

A beautiful, heartfelt, magical song about whales from Susie Ro - Creatures of the Deep. I love this melody so much.

Yay for the reintroduction of beavers and the first kit being born in the UK!

The Oatmeal is a wonderfully funny comic. And this particular one about Rambo the dog is extra hilarious. I may even have shared it on here before but it’s worth another look. I’ve just signed up to the newsletter too, which will be sure to make me giggle.

I love this video featuring two huskies and a golden lab. It never fails to make me laugh.

And the post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Walter the Frenchie who even has a song made about him - it’s very catchy but so innocently uplifting!

Random amazing tent found. Might just stay.

Indiana Jones set in Glasgow. The streets are transformed.

I found this video and advice from Dr Les Carter about breaking trauma bonds very interesting and on point for me. It gave me a lifted spirit in fact, as I joined the jigsaw puzzle pieces of my life together and made sense of my past. I got a real feeling of forgiveness through my whole body because I understood situations more and let them go. Definitely a great day for me, my mind and my heart.

Yay for gentle, happy, cheeky pitbulls.

New relaxing, earthy cosmic harp journey has just gone up on Late Nite Harp. In the Deep of the Forest - Instrumental is a soulful offering.

Vibrant city scape views with a twist of orange 😍

Two happy things for your morn - A big happy bird and a goofy doggo.

I think we all need to take some cues from these two.

My new harp piece The World Keeps on Turning has just been released if anyone fancies some chilled out harp musica : )

Fancy some hard, melodic techno to get some jobs done fast? This set is totally banging with loads of cool sounds, from a lad in Northern Ireland called Renegade System. Here’s his latest 2hr set. I’ve been looking for hard and melodic for a while. He’s ticking all my boxes : )

Seriously sweet mousey story. Looks like a heavenly place to live.

A beautiful moment between a lady and a monkey.