Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Glasgow style.

Jelly Beans. How many flavours have you tried?
Awesome exchange at the shops just now which led to the staff directing me to a new set of Jelly Bean flavours. Fruitier. Zingier. They pack a punch. The Jelly Bean fan club is growing. I don’t ever want them out my life again. 🤣

Deep pink are my fav (cherry) followed closely by light blue (Island punch) but then white (coconut) are yum too plus the pink (cotton candy) are scrum. Aarrgghh it’s hard being a kid and having to choose a favourite! 😍 (oh god. I’ve just had a buttered popcorn).

There’s a US candy section in the little supermarket down the road from my flat. Got excited when I saw these. It’s been a loooong time since I had them. They’re just as lush and fun as they used to be.

Challenge = Not to devour them all in one go.

Had a fab dance. First one in ages. Done so many 10km walks round the city but no freestyle steps. Or booty shakes. I realised how important they are. Freedom of expression to move exactly how I want in a safe space. So I whirled, twirled, bounced and smiled. Oh my. The beats.😻

Loving this liquid drum and base track right now. Very sweet.

Just had cool experiences with two different cats on my urban walk. One was like a posh silver pom pom Japanese manga cat with huge eyes who flitted about like a butterfly. The other meowed once and did a crap in front of me. 😸😻

Cake for breakfast?
Yes please.

This is for all the cupcake lovers out there. Just ate myself a salted caramel chocolate cupcake. Note the oozing caramel within. This is special people. And it wasn’t the only thing I bought home. 😉 I’m seeing a flat today across the road from the bakery. Oh yes/dear.🧁🎊

Thanks George (@ Macs in Glasgow). You’re my guardian angel. You’ve helped me to walk after giving my winter boots an orthotic raise - best craftsmanship ever. Woo! It’s the difference between me having a good day or a really tough one. Now I’m bouncing round Glasgow. Yay!


A sweet lady was feeding a big flock of pigeons. When she’d finished a bus drove by, the pigeons got spooked and the result was an amazing upward procession of pigeons taking flight. Amazing.

The Pink Ink. A cute little tearoom kids will adore. Mostly serving sugary cakes. And pink lemonade. Saw some awesome afternoon tea sets (Mrs Teapot from Beauty and the Beast included). It was a feast for my eyes.

We’re ready.

I Love my Duvet Coat

I’m celebrating something amazing today. I got kitted out for winter in Scotland and bought a snuggly, padded coat from an army surplus store (with 50% off).

I’m walking around in a duvet and I’m frickin loving it.

I’d heard stories about how wet Glasgow gets but since arriving it’s been sunny and dry. I’ve been swanning around in my autumnal gear. It’s been lush. But when I heard about the storms this weekend I realised I needed something more heavy duty.

So it was a fun experience today, walking out in the sun and warmth to go to a shop, to buy a winter coat, then walk home wearing it in the freezing, driving, rain. Now that worked out well didn’t it?

Glasgow has excelled itself.

But I was snug. I was smiling. I walked through the city beaming brightly, wrapped in my duvet.

It’s lusciously warm and soft. It doesn’t make too much noise when I walk. It makes me feel happy just wearing it. I got sooooo excited about my coat today (Simon got excited about his too). We were like little kids giggling and leaping about celebrating our coats.

I’m grateful to be warm. I’m grateful to have the choice to be warm. I’m grateful to be walking the city in the cleansing rain.

One responsibility that comes with wearing this coat however is this - I have to jump up and down before entering any shop to get all the excess water droplets off. Otherwise I turn into a rain cloud walking down the aisles.

Stay toasty people!

Love this so much ❤️

Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute. Cold, crisp, sunny, peaceful. The calm before the snowstorms and gale force winds this weekend.

Cute apprehensive starlings and frustrated airborne seagulls wondering about the morsels of bread by the car.

My Home Bakery in Hyndland Street is a delightfully cosy place with exquisitely fresh cakes of all shapes and sizes. The vibe is happy, the coffee comforting and the cake, a cacophony of flavours. I had a mango and passion fruit volcano! Nom.

Better to die on your feet than live forever on your knees - Dolores Ibarruri.


Eeeeeeeeee. So lovely.