Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

“My special friend shared her smoked salmon sandwich with me in the park today, then we played chase, then we hid under blankets, then we had a sleep in the sun, then she went home wishing I was hiding in her bag”.

oriental cat licking a finger after eating smoked salmon off of it

oriental cat with green eyes hiding under a blanket on the grass

These lush scenes were recorded around the area where I live in Scotland. It’s rhododendron time here and the colours are so incredibly glorious.

The calming video is accompanied by beautiful harp music. There are a range of pieces. You can discover more of my music on my Bandcamp Page.

The lushness. She came.

I was out filming in the dappled sunlight yesterday feeling like a fairy entering a magical world of colour and intrigue. My dear old phone did really well keeping up with all I was demanding of it too, woo! 🌷 Looking forward to sharing the scenes with beautiful harp music soon.

Colourful fairy forest of rhododendrons, dappled evening sunlight with an evergreen tree trunk in the foreground. Female with long silver hair in a sunlit lush forest, a happy expression rests on her face.

Current view.

Snugglebum mode activated.

Close-up of golden, silver, long hair shining in the sunA selection of colourful Snugglebum toys from the 80s

Oh how I love dandelions. So do rabbits you know.

Fluffy, dandelion seed-ball illuminated by the late night golden sun

Before yawn

After yawn

Dragonfly blessings. I didn’t even know it was there.

Happy Friday!!

This healing harp video is from my first album - La Navigatrice. It’s uplifting, expansive and high vibrational. It soars ever upwards and is full of power and celestial reverberations.

The music is set against images that calmingly merge together in a relaxing way. Come feel serene love.

Current read. Loving the language. Makes such a change from modern times. I love Daphne’s style. And her name is just the coolest. 😎

Happy times when the leaves shine gold.

Love a walk with the scent of creamy hawthorn blossom.

Bought a cheese yesterday that I nickname ‘Le Stinky’, a French Camembert. We both have to agree that it’s time to buy it. We both have to be in the mood. Because if we’re not, the idea of its aroma wafting its way out the fridge, can bring tears to eyes. That’s why we only have it once a year.

Salve Regina. Hail Holy Mother! Here’s a magical prayer and a wonderful, sacred slideshow. Fill yourself up with beautiful, holy images and whispered, loving words. 💙

Happy happy tulip.

Current obsession = Dewdrops

Happy Saturday! I love recording my harp practises because I’m relaxed, exploratory and less tense. Wrong notes don’t matter, they’re encouraged. In fact, as new melodies spring out of accidental notes the looser, more intrigued I become. Here’s a little practise from tonight. I’m experimenting with strong, cosmic reverb (which I usually leave for my Cosmic Harp tracks) - it has super duper spacey resonance. Most of the time I’m just trying to tame this reverb because often it gets out of control so I have to temper my playing and also the decay. I like this practise sound, I’m going with it for my live session tomorrow.

If you want to enjoy some spacey seashore harp music live, I’m playing Sunday 21st May 5pm BST on Insight Timer- here’s the link.

Wavy image by Dimitris Vetsikas.

Finding this lil tiger in the jungle fills me with joy. I always bring my trusty bamboo stick cat toy just in case. She can never resist.

Sunniest day of the year today. I was down at my community garden planting up the mangetout troughs. A job well done I’d say. And someone even brought me a cold can of pop to drink. A wonderful bonus on a hot day and so appreciated.

Super lovely little walk at dusk with all the insect fairies dancing in the new warmth. My favourite time of day I think.

🎉 I’m excited to release a new cosmic track. I’ve been experimenting with sound by using two complementary harp recordings multiple times, at various tempos with lots of different sound effects. Ten morphing layers of space music. Yum! Lots going on and somehow it feels deeply relaxing. I love it.

My lovely bike.