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Spaceship vaccination centre.

Fancy an exotic harp adventure? Sahara Dancing Free is my latest passionate, dreamy release.

Admin, Hopes, Self-Discovery and Dentists

48 Hello! In this episode I cover a range of topics including music, creativity, critcism, teeth, admin, laughter and future hopes.

The link to Jake’s music theory and guitar YouTube channel is here - Signals Music Studio. He covers many interesting topics in a fun and accessible way - he’s a great teacher.

I’ve realised I wished everyone a happy summer in the podcast but some people are actually in winter time now depending on where they are in the world so here I am being inclusive of all seasons and persons - Happy winter/autumn/spring/summer! : )

Edit * The Island I was trying to remember was Bermuda (nowhere near Hawaii : ) Edit* G Phrygian Dominant is actually the 5th mode of C harmonic minor. Learn more about this mode here

Glasgow airport is just down the road. Here’s a plane flying over a boatyard.

Ended up in an industrial area in Yoker earlier with lots of scrubland at the back where wildflowers thrive.

Sunbathing squirrel

Three films I’ve loved recently - Bullets Over Broadway, The Wolf of Wall Street and Cast Away.

In keeping with the moment, I decided to make Simon a toothy peg themed card for his birthday this year 😄❤️🦷❤️😄

Riverside magic

Fancy a pint?

I’m choosing some nature sound samples on Zapsplat at the mo. Listening to them is reminding me of when I went to Australia for the first time. The sound of the cicadas was so strong where I was staying, I couldn’t tell where my tinnitus ended and their sound began. It made my head super noisy and intense. I ended up getting a bit overwhelmed and hid under the duvet with earplugs in. I needed time to adjust. I got there. Have you got to a place and needed to adjust?

I’ve realised how much I love listening to frogs and toads. They’re cute little characters. Here are a couple of samples I found.…

And the wisdom tooth is out! 🥳🤩🎊🎉🎵🦷🥂🍾 😮😹🥴🌺✨🌸🌟

After the last three nights of no sleep whatsoever and losing my mind to toothache this past month, I finally made the overdue emergency appointment and bravely faced my fears of the dentist. I usually like dentists because there’s never anything wrong! This time was different and I’d been stalling. So this afternoon, my crazy, badly decayed wisdom tooth got taken out and I have to say, local anaesthetic feels bloody marvellous! For the first time in I don’t know how long, I’m pain free. 🎊 Alleluia! It was all over in 5 mins and was a much worse experience in my head than in reality. I even succeeded in imagining I was swimming in a warm sea during the particularly squeamish bits. Good work Holls! Good work dentist! 💪🏻 🏊‍♀️ 🌊 🏝 Still, it’s not my favourite pastime and luckily I’ve got great teeth so I won’t be back for some time now woo!!

Today I learnt not to suffer over a long period of time with toothache or pain. Get things sorted and move on. I suffered needlessly, which is sad. I did have some nice early morning dawn chorus moments because of it all though. 😀

I also enjoyed the experience of trying to speak with my funny numb mouth and fat, uncooperative tongue. Speaking and drinking with an anaesthetised half tongue feels really weird!

Keep flossing!!

Watched 300 last night. Actively avoided it for a decade because of my non-violent, hippie tendencies. It always looked so brutal - I wasn’t ready. Turns out those days are over and it’s my new favourite film. Absolutely love the style. Every shot is a work of art. It’s just so beautiful. I love the premise, the power, the exoticness, the strong Queen, Gerard Butler’s scottish lead voice. And the gorgeous, buff solidiers in capes are pretty spectacular on the eye too. 😍 It’s full of strength, passion and poetry.

It’s funny. When the solidiers first meet the band of artists and potters come to help fight, the conversation that ensued really tickled me and I actively laughed out loud watching the men enjoy battle with their heavy shields. I never thought I’d laugh at something like that. It was intoxicating, glorious. I was excited by the build up of this war. I felt their spiritual honour. It was a different way to live and die.

Not sure about watching the second, though I probably won’t be able to help myself - I saw the trailer and concluded it all looked a bit more typical action-y (ie lots of big cgi boats smashing together).

If you have any recommendations of this similar, arty filmic style I’d love to hear. I’m going to rewatch Sin City again, I think I might like it - can’t remember much.

And for the record, re non-violent tendencies, I still can’t watch most violent films, especially mob related ones - they’re way too realistic.

I’ve just released Forest Kiss on my Late Nite Harp podcast : ) It’s a fruity mix of harp and nature song.

I may be asking for trouble but I can’t help but leave a few nuts on the ledge. The wood pigeon is so beautiful close up. It’s hue of colours mesmerises me. Like something from a fantasy realm. Window cleaner please come soon 😺

Absolutely loving this mini concert from Andreas Vollenweider. It’s funny that I’m not into traditional harp music - it doesn’t take me to the high places. I love alternative harp exploration like this. Andreas is such a nice man too. With a gentle heart I feel.

That’s me weeping over here watching the beauty of humanity. Man sneaks a whole lot of groceries into an old homeless man cart. Doesn’t say anything…

‘I promised Brando I would not touch his Oscar’: the secret life of Sacheen Littlefeather. In 1973, she made history at the Academy Awards, appearing in place of Marlon Brando, declining his statuette and making a speech about Native American rights. She has been speaking out ever since.

I’ve recently discovered that watching luxurious, playful cakes being made on a large production line is hypnotic, satisfying and relaxing. The finished products look rather delightful and I love the attention to detail. Rainbow Roll Cake or Original Jiggly Cake anyone?

I had a realisation during a breathe meditation this morning. I realised I spend so much time justifying myself to myself, it’s exhausting. From now on, if I don’t like something I’m simply going to say ‘I don’t like it, I don’t want it, move on’ rather than keep persuading myself of something I already know. Keeping my thoughts in check is a healthy way not to go crazy 😄

How can they be so pink? 🙃

Simple Vanilla Muffins (nom!)