Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Just Wanna Sleep Now Please

You couldn’t get two more different cats than at our new house-sit. Relaxed docile teddy bear Charlie and intelligent panther Squiggy. We’ve arrived pretty much in the middle of nowhere on the Warwickshire border at Charlie and Squiggy’s house. Two boy cats. They’re hunters 🙄 (there’s a mouse still hiding in the house somewhere). We’re near a fair few towns and going to Oxford tomorrow to meet an old friend. Yay.

Transitioning between places can be a little stressful and disorientating but I like to focus on the beauty I see round the place. It keeps me grounded. This evening the birdsong was deep and velvety and the air thick with dewy damp scents. The area is green and lush with flowers.

Through arriving here and leaving bustling Dartmouth I’ve realised how much I’m now missing the vibe of being around lots of people. I’ve realised how much I love the community and vibrancy of a populated area and how I’m moving away from enjoying the solitary life of countryside living. In the meantime, whilst learning more lessons like these and finishing a year’s worth of countryside housesits (I know, the irony), I’m going to get as fit and strong as possible and concentrate on my development and purpose. Dances will be danced and kitchen floors will be polished as I demi-pointe and shimmy across them. Tonight I flexed my hips again, got back into the rhythm and remembered how much my body and tummy muscles love to move. I’m going to be the best version of myself here in no-man’s land and when the city’s ready to call me back, I’ll be there.