Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Entering Another Dimension

Day 13. For any of you who don’t know - I’m on a 30 day belly dance challenge (a fairly relaxed one) which means I try to dance for at least an hour each day, usually to drum and base and I document my progress. I’ve come a long way from near disabled to dancing queen and I’m stronger than ever before. This is what happened tonight…

I felt like I entered another dimension of feeling in my body. I felt like my twisted foot lay flat on the floor with ease. I felt even and balanced and in alignment in all parts of me. I walked with poise and grace around the kitchen amazed at my elegance, amazed at the understanding now unfolding in my mind.

I thought about my time, so young, trapped in a frog plaster and cut off from moving my hips at all. For so long I had reduced connectivity between my hips and my brain. They were static things without any kind of movement happening to them. They missed out on vital conversations with each other and I’ve gone through life with a half hearted notion of what it’s like to have hips to walk with (usually my back would do all the work, with my legs dragging along - legs are heavy when you have no strength to hold them up). I’m only just beginning to understand what strong hips can do. This knowledge is like gold dust to me.

The more I connect to them now, the more my back gets a break. Gone is the huge curve in my spine. My butt is tight. My thighs engaged (I didn’t used to know what thighs felt like) and my abdominal muscles are taking over some jobs. I feel like overworked joints are getting a break. They’ve chivalrously done jobs which weren’t rightfully theirs, to get this body of mine walking though life. They had to adapt to my odd mechanics and help me move in whatever way they could.

That’s how amazing bodys are.

I’m learning how to walk again in a way which benefits my body rather than hinders it.

Belly dance has helped me hone particular muscle groups. Mainly the core ones. These are super helpful in making walking easier. Couple that with an awesome eclectic mix of incredible music, it’s no wonder my body is healing itself through happy vibes, love of the dance and sheer determination to make my body the best version it can be.

Never give up.

Fav track: Focus on the Love - Kasra.