Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Finding My Mojo Again

I’ve found that being in a state of flux is a healthy conduit in making my life better. Here’s an example. Up until last year, I was settled. In my house. In my job. I went to the same shops each week for the same food. Drove the same route to get to the same places. Settled, yes.

Too settled? Definitely.

I’d lost my mojo. Things trundled along just the same. I was ‘comfortable’ and as many a wise person would say, being too comfortable is a dangerous place to be. I’d lost my edge.

And then we (because this involved Simon too) made a big decision. To sell everything, travel the country and taste different places. Tasting is living. Seeing new places makes us see new things in ourselves.

So the conduit was the decision to move forward and have a new adventure, which opened my eyes to the fact that all the stuff I had (clothes, plants, things) were weighing me down and keeping me trapped. Letting go of most of those things helped me experience freedom in a new way. From possessions.

Now we’re on the move. Every 2 - 5 weeks. Each time we pack up our little car and move somewhere different and start living again. In a different space. In a different kitchen. Learning more lessons. Understanding ourselves a bit better. Our limits. Our controls. Our levels.

We ask more questions. We’re more practical.

What makes a good kitchen? Obviously how big the dance floor is (and how sharp the knives are).

Are kitchen islands a good idea? No they get in the way of the dance space 💃

Is it a good idea to have cats in the bedroom? Depends if they bring prey to your pillow. Depends if you want a good night’s sleep.

Where’s the best place to feed a cat? Outside or as far away from the living space as possible.

Why does everyone buy Felix cat food? No idea, it smells disgusting.

Do we really want a box in the house where cats shit? Absolutely not.

What kind of area can we live in? Countryside, city, suburbia, village, anywhere as long as we’re creating. Though we’re feeling the buzz of the city more and want to spend time right in the heart of it.

And so on.

With all this new knowledge comes adaptations in our behaviour. We’ve wanted to change our diet forever (we were total chocolate junkies) so this new transition made it possible to think differently. To really work towards being the best version of ourselves. And not weaken with old habits.

Low carb diet it is then. It’s going so well. The fat is just disappearing. It just takes time and willpower.

Having a child is another way of being in a state of flux. You have to be spontaneous and alert and the best version of yourself for them.

So change is good. Don’t be afraid. You never know where it might take you. Try it if you can. Say yes to everything new and find your mojo again.