Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Here's To Women

Women are interesting, complicated creatures sometimes (all the time). One reason is because hormones are powerful little buggers making women behave in exciting, unpredictable ways.

Every so often it gets pretty full on. Sometimes we just can’t help it. Here’s how it went today. For me.

Lethargy. Weakness. Frustration. Laughter. Loved up-ness. Desperation. Exhaustion. Annoyance. Despair. Pissed off-ness (quite a lot of swearing). Resilience. Power (conquering a 3 mile walk). Joy. Giggles (so many giggles - the kind of giggles you get when you’re over tired). Madness (I can’t go into a supermarket without buying random stuff I don’t need). Space cadet-ness (eyes ever so slightly crossing). Gratitude (oooooo let’s smell every single rose along the entire street). Dreaminess. Demanding (I want a cheese straw and I want it NOW). Surrender. Pain. Sexiness. Annoyance. Relief. Relaxation. Affection.

It can be tiring feeling so much in a day, your mind wandering everywhere. Like running a marathon and not finding your rhythm, holding it together in a slightly delirious state. But we manage. One way or another.

So here’s to all the women and their crazy behaviour. Here’s to their strength that they can make it through the day. Here’s to all the pain they carry and overwhelming sensations they have. Here’s to keeping it together. Here’s to carrying on. Here’s to eating a whole packet of biscuits. Here’s to madness. Here’s to getting the dinner ready. Here’s to them taking a moment whenever they need to without feeling the pressure to conform. Here’s to them knowing when to say no and being able to stand their ground. Here’s to all men being sensitive to all women and their amazing array of feelings. Here’s to being listened to (unless you’re really going on, like an absolute crazy woman, then you just need to lie down and give everyone a rest).

Women. You are strong. You are powerful. You are nourishing. You are full of love and so damn gorgeous. I’m having a square of chocolate in your honour right now. Nom.