Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

The Power of My Mind

Minds. What a minefield. One minute I’m dancing, minding my own sweet business, enjoying the beat. The next I’ve started some story in my head where I could spend ages thinking, reacting, stressing, comparing, wondering about past or future events. I get in a loop and keep circling back round. Basically I’m not present. I’m looking in the past and to the future and before I know it half an hour has gone by and I’ve spent that time living in my own dramatic soap opera.

So I’d like to protect my mind, from myself. I can cause all sorts of doubt in there if I choose because it’s up to me to choose what I focus on. I wouldn’t let another person go on and on at me, poking and prodding me with their negative demands and conversation. So why do I let my negative thoughts control my present state of mind?

I am powerful. I can alter my own mood. I can create massive amounts of joy, love and excitment through what I think. I can change my whole outlook depending on what I think. With my mind I’ve even managed to think things true and change reality.

Once, I was at a gig and a couple of people right behind me were drunk and chatting away during the songs. I was getting quite annoyed (in my head). They just couldn’t help but jabber on. My mind was spoiling it for me. I kept focussing on them talking rather than listening to the songs. My attention was split.

Then I had an idea. I was going to think about them leaving instead. Rather than focus on what they were doing. So I re-focussed my attention. I spent a moment imagining them going away. ‘Just leave. Move. Go.’ I thought. And the next moment one of them went to the bar to get a drink leaving the other one friendless and silent and me in peace enjoying my most favourite song of the set. That was pretty cool.

For me, it’s about recognising when thoughts aren’t serving me and replacing them with something helpful. Breathing techniques for example. Breathing really does centre me. It’s just remembering to breathe using longer breaths because they’re the most effective ones. They bring me back to myself so I can’t think about anything else. It’s so true that many of us have forgotten the power of our breath. Gratitude is another focus. Look how much beauty I have in my life! And remembering that everything’s ok and all I’m experiencing is a first world problem.

So here’s me saying I’m not going to think low thoughts. I’m not going to criticise myself or others. I’m going to see the best in people no matter how crazy they are. I’m going to see the best in myself. I’m going to see the beauty in all the weird and wonderful situations of life. I’m going to be grateful for eveything I have. I’m going to see the glass half full.

Here’s to feeling lighter.