Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Day 17 - Connecting with my Calves

Day 17 - here we goooo! Something majorly profound happened in my dance today. I felt new sensations I’ve never felt before. I felt my CALVES. I could feel muscles tightening. Itty bitty sinews engaging. I was focusing on ‘Showgirl’ moves (one heal slightly raised and hip moving out to the same side - imagine seductively hailing a cab) when I sensed strength in my leg rather than numbness. Woah hello leg! You feel new and improved. Welcome.

They’re finally awake. Bring out the champagne. Ring a set of glorious golden bells. I can feel my calves. By Jove I nearly wept but instead I kept on dancing. Damn I feel strong. My posture is incredible. I’ve gained an inch in height. Everything’s coming together to make my life better than it’s ever been before. Yeeeehaaaaa.

This picture was taken when I’d finished some sit ups. Cookie loves me being horizontal. She zoomed over to give me her affection and received lots back in return. She’s such a darling little thing.

I’m really grateful for the musical journey I’m on. It’s helping me connect with my body and spirit. The spirit of movement. It started with trance, went harder, went softer, went slower and now it’s dancing to a different dnb beat with rhythmic explosions, passionate singing, cosmic trance vibes and full on stomp round the room industrial samples. I adore this process. It’s like my body is grinding and grounding down into the earth, playing with gravity, touching things and reaching places that have never been reached before. I adore discovering what I’m capable of and I couldn’t do it without the eclectic musical mix. Thank you creators and producers. You are part of my radical healing. I wonder what I’ll discover next.

The song today (I’ve had it on loads) - Stand High - Mind Vortex, Daniela.