Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Bambi V2

I felt as if I was in an altered version of Bambi this afternoon with some added cattitude. A herd of deer grazed in the buttercup field as I danced. Their little white tails bobbing and swishing. They walked then galloped across the paddock like school children running across the playground behind their teacher. One brave doe lead the way. The male took the rear then realised he was being left behind so had to warm his hooves up to catch up.

Thumper hopped on by with his own bobbing tail in the air to graze alongside them. I was waiting for Flower the skunk to turn up too when things began to occur inside the house with the cats. A huge dead squirrel lay in the hallway brought in by a formidable apricot coloured cat. He’s got some guts has Leo, taking on a squirrel. They’ve got a bite on them.

Outside, baby birds twittered and followed their mothers round begging for food and fluttering their little wings like they were having a dance off with themselves. And one lone cat, the gentle quiet Cookie, slunk away to the stables to get some peace and quiet from the boys and have her daily counsel with the horses.

Update - Tonight we rescued a darling little frog who found itself trapped in the conservatory being circled by two cats. Its little squeaks drew me in and I went into protection mode guarding it from danger. Now it’s outside, hopefully on its way back home. Goodbye little froggy, may you be safe from harm this night.