Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Day 21 - Is this really My Body?

Day 21 - I danced. I moved. I pumped my toned arms through air. I realised how much extra power I could make if I focused on putting my heels on the ground more when I bounce and move. Heels are important. I’ve never really made use of mine. I have ‘equine’ feet - walking like a horse, with little heel strike. There’s a lot of power and balance that comes from ‘planting’ on the earth, heel first. It stretches out the calve muscles and sends energy to other parts of the body. I can feel the difference it makes to my whole body now. I’m going to practise this more.

My new mirror is the glass of an elegant bookcase. I watched my body energetically flow like I was watching someone else with really cool rhythms and grooves. But it was me. I’m becoming! I felt confident in space. I didn’t wobble around like I used to on weak legs. I slowed down and explored fascia and muscle knots. I helped them relax and pop. I incorporated weights into my dance. There were some 5kg dumbbells nearby. I held them steady and honed my back and shoulder muscles. I’ve got toned strength going on in there. I’m getting me a fine sacred temple of power to live in. Yeah!

Then I ate a fish.

And my whole body sang with the nourishment it gave me. Thank you lovely fish. Thank you for helping my body to strengthen and bloom. You are part of me now. I honour you.

The song that sent me soaring, I’ve mentioned before. Friction - Freak - feat Josh Barry. His voice is smooth and full of soul and passion. And the beat makes me explode into stars.