Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Experienced Catto Sought - Job Description Below - Apply Within

Experienced Catto sought for top notch cuddles, perfect purrs and delightful company.

Excellent benefits will be bestowed upon the successful candidate - High quality food, catto massage, supreme bed linen, a supply of organic premium catnip, various toys, beautiful outdoor space, peaceful surroundings.

If you have the following qualifications please apply within.

Essential criteria:

  • Must be a relaxed catto.
  • Be friendly and affectionate to everyone.
  • Be happy lounging on laps.
  • Be happy having extensive tummy tickles.
  • Enjoy being held like a baby.
  • Love their ears being fondled, kissed and sniffed.
  • Keep their bottoms clean.
  • Like snuggles in bed.
  • Wipe wet paws before getting into bed.
  • Must toilet outside, away from flower beds.
  • Enjoy a chat.
  • Must not purr loudly all night on the pillow.
  • Be willing to sleep in (no 5am wake up calls).
  • Enjoy loud dance music.
  • Not bring furry prey into the house.
  • Never catch birds.
  • Never spray in the house. Ever.


  • Be willing to learn to dance with human companion.
  • Be interested in going on long walks.
  • Be willing to undertake some training.
  • Prefer the candidate not to jump on doors.
  • Prefer a catto who’s kind to all animals.