Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Exploring a City with a Banging Soundtrack

I explored the streets of London a fair bit in my 20s. Headphones on. Listening to an amazing soundtrack. I’d walk all over the city. It was flat and even ground. The best kind for me. I’d admire fine art in the National Gallery, take in the grand architecture and bright lights of Piccadilly and get intoxicated by the retro vibe of Camden Town. I’d sit in churches and parks. I’d watch caricature artists in Leicester Square. I loved people watching. I loved being in the vibe.

Then I left. Got older. Lost my mojo. Lost my soundtrack.

Today it came back. This time walking the streets of York. I felt nostalgic. I was 20 again. There’s something special about walking in a beautiful city with the music you love. Nowhere to go. No-one to meet. Just you. Exploring. With gorgeous music and curious eyes. That’s freedom.

The dnb soundtrack energised my spirit. I’ve made a playlist with all the tracks that get me moving. That have the most exquisite melodies and beats. At points on my walk my dancing arms just had to come out to play. My dancing legs made an entrance too. Usually at traffic lights. I felt life running through this city. I’ve missed that. I lived in the countryside for a long time and used the car to get everywhere. It could be physically hard for me to walk the countryside paths too so I wasn’t into long walks over hills and valleys. I always loved the fresh air. I loved the solitude too. Up until recently.

Now I’m entering a new phase in my life. Gone are the days of being introverted. I’m no longer a she-bear, hibernating in her cave. I’m looking around. Making connections. Getting curious. Basking in the buzz. Today, just out the front door I was walking along river banks, under bridges, past geese, over cobbles. There were people and cyclists and smells and life. Half an hour later I found myself in a Yorkshire tearoom where I bought a florentine. Bonus!

So I’m breathing in this city with gratitude. The magic of the river running through it nourishes my soul. Its historic streets sing of history and stories and adventure. I’m on top of the world right now. I’m awakened. My London adventures are back V2.0. This time York style with my 39 ¾ yr old booty taking up the pace.