Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Anyone got any positive wild swimming experiences?

I find it impossible to swim anywhere where I can’t see the bottom. Pristine seas. Absolutely. Murky waters ie rivers, lakes etc. A definite no no. I think I’m missing out on all this wild swimming stuff. But the fear runs deep.

I swam in a murky lake once. When I was a kid. It was a grey day. Kind of ominous and colourless. It had a weird slimy, silty bottom. When my feet touched it, it made me squirm. My imagination running wild probably. That night I got ill. It probably wasn’t even the lake that made me ill but in my mind there was something sinister about that dark water.

I’ve been in an ice cold waterfall pool in India. That was deliciously freezing but I’m not sure how long I could have swam in it for. It also wasn’t very big so I couldn’t have done any serious lengths.

I’m one of those people with all the gear - goggles, swim cap, paddles, fins, pullbuoy, float (it’s an odd shaped bag to pack too). I like my lengths long. I like to power on with front crawl and use my fins to glide through the water at speed (fins are AMAZING btw). And, I can imagine doing this in idyllic river settings, because swimming outside is an incredible experience. So fresh and unchlorinated. But I’m held back by my anxiety of what lies just out of my sight. Eeeeek.

I saw a documentary once about a guy who would cycle to a spot in Yellowstone Park, park his bike up, put his wetsuit on, get in the water (with his waterproof bag with his clothes in) and let the river take him downstream to wherever it chose. He just flowed with it. I’d call that brave, exciting freedom.

Anyone had any great experiences of wild swimming? I’d love to hear some positive stories : )