Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Women and their Hairy Armpits

I want to talk about hairy armpits on ladies. For some reason society dictates that women should have no hair under their arms (I’m sticking with arms though I know there are other places this filters into too).

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by a lady in the swimming pool showers (she happened to be French). She had hairy armpits. This wasn’t the main thing that surprised me. It was more the fact that she got completely naked (such confidence) in the communal shower when all the English ladies were more reserved in their swimming costumes. This was my first knowledge that ladies had underarm hair.

I used to shave and wax all the time. It was what you did. Especially in your teens. Then I became a hippy and everything was more relaxed. Especially during the winter months. The guys I’ve had relationships with have never minded either way. I thought that was cool. Though, when I was in Madeira, a waxer there told me men couldn’t stand women who had hair of any kind (a bit sad and unrealistic I thought).

I’ve heard a few women tell me how cool they think other women are when they ‘own’ their body hair. Complete confidence in their choice not to shave. I think all women secretly want to be able to be like this. It shows such a strength of character. Not playing a stupid game of societal pressure and rules.

In the past I’ve tried not to look different. Tried not be pointed or laughed at. I had enough going on. I didn’t need anymore weirdness. Yesterday, I succumbed to that part of me again and snipped back lots of my own lovely soft underarm hair in the name of summer fashion and vest tops. It was just growing there. Not doing anyone any harm. Helping me, in fact, to stay balanced and fresh. And now it feels rubbish.

There’s a reason hair exists under the arm. Something called sweat. So now, I’m walking around all sticky and wet in the name of some weird societal norm that I persuaded myself mattered.

Damn. I’m gonna try better next time. I’m gonna slay that part of me who gives a shit. And in the meantime I’ll wait for my soft sweet down to grow back.