Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Mermaid Tendencies

I was lucky enough to swim in lots of pristine water growing up. I loved nothing better than being in the sea. Dad and I splashed around in San Antonio bay in the rain. I remember being fascinated by all the sand worm formations. I went on and on and ON at my mum in Spain to buy me a lilo. Eventually (and I mean it took ages to persuade her - a lot longer than usual) she bought one. It was amazing. I’m so glad I went on at her. Best fun I had on that hols.

On one of the Greek Islands, dad and I went rockpooling. I remember feeling ever so scared looking over the edge into the sea. It was deep and clear. I could see to the bottom. I could see coral and fish and seaweed (I wasn’t into seaweed at all). Earlier on that day I’d seen a battered dolphin washed up in the harbour. I imagined it had been attacked by sharks. The imprint of its body had affected me deeply. So as I looked over the edge and into the water, I remember thinking what if I actually fell in? Then all the sharks would come and gobble me up. A child’s imagination can be so dark and scary.

In Cape Cod I burnt my feet on the sand, it was so hot. I was relieved to reach the water. Waves were a big thing for me. I’d spend hours taunting them to try and get me. They were pretty big and eventually I realised the current had taken me 300m down the beach. What a power. I was such a mermaid. I’d spend hours looking under water and doing lots of handstands. I found some treasure in that sea. I found a gold necklace, glimmering and shimmering in the sunlight. It had a St Christopher’s pendant on it.

In Nice I walked along a flat pipeline which ran between the shore and an island made of rocks. I went with a lady I’d met on the beach. As I walked, I looked down to my left and saw turquoise sea and a white sandy bottom shining back at me. Blissful safety. When I looked to my right, the seabed was dark and unfriendly. Full of seaweed (eurgh!). There could have been any number of monsters lurking down there. When we got to the rock island, I couldn’t believe it, the lady only went and jumped off the rocks and into the deep, dark water. What?! Absolute madness. She had no idea about the scary things in there. I didn’t join her. Obviously. I just gaped. She floated for a while (in huge amounts of seaweed), ignorant to all the sea creatures probably swimming towards her right at that very moment (like sharks and eels with teeth), calmly talking to me about how lovely it was in there. Yeah like right lady, I’ll take a raincheck on that one. I don’t want no nibbled toes.