Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Day 30 - What I've Learnt About Being Floppy and Mushy

Day 30 - Last official day of the relaxed 30 day belly dance challenge. 😁 I learnt many moves during these practices. I explored and strengthened. I made friends with new muscle groups. I got sexier. I’ll definitely carry on with the online lessons. A little at a time. Then I can integrate them into my daily movements.

I realise that to keep my body in tip top condition ie without a hint of lethargy in my day, I’ve got to work out each and every day. Otherwise I lose stamina quickly and find it hard to start again. My body needs to keep ticking over. To be oiled. My muscles need to stretch. My heart needs to pound. So do my legs. Otherwise I get floppy. That’s how I’ll keep going. Keep feeling alive. If I keep on moving.

I noticed I’ve been wanting to sit down a lot these last few days. Like I got addicted to sitting down. And I don’t think it’s conducive to having a strong and healthy future. So I’m being more aware of it. Trying to slay that lethargy. Luckily I have Simon too. He knows when I’m not giving it my all. It’s important for your companion to help you be the best possible version of yourself. And call you out if you’re letting yourself go.

It’s something I see and reflect on in relationships. It’s dangerous territory when there’s one person in a relationship looking after themselves and another who’s letting themselves go. We are most attractive when we love ourselves. So how can the other love you when you don’t even love yourself?

Health is attractive. Mushiness isn’t.

Resting on your laurels isn’t something to be taken lightly. Strength and determination and being the best version of yourself will always make the most hearts flutter.

I did a constructive rest after dancing. It felt lush. To relax everything and just sink into the ground. I can’t emphasise enough how incredible this exercise is for letting your body go to reform and regroup.

I want to discover new music. I want to mix it up. I’m looking for some pure, unadulterated drumming compilations. I need those endless beats. I want to ground and grind. It makes my body excited. I honour that beat. Deep inside. So I’ll carry on exploring , releasing, strengthening, dancing. Any suggestions of imaginative, hard, uplifting beats (I don’t ask for much right?) let me know.

I found out that while belly dance is amazing for my body, letting go and dancing to my own rhythm is just as important. The less I think about technique, the more I feel the music. In my heart. When I feel it, I flow to my own rhythm. And that feels wonderful.