Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

The Art of Moving Out

Moving out of a housesit always presents a different set of challenges. Here are a few examples:

The place could be cluttered so a lot of time and concentration are needed to locate everything in all the rooms.

There may not be parking right outside the house so every trip backwards and forwards takes ages.

It may be raining cats and dogs outside then all the bags/boxes get soaked.

There may be inquisitive cats jumping into your car as you load up, ready to spray all over your luggage and claw up your seats.

Sometimes we end up working as a kind of defensive relay team through the house to make sure our things are safe from the territorial beasts. We’re getting it down to a find art now. I love the process actually. It means a new adventure is on its way in a new area, in a new house with a new catto. I get excited.

It’s exhausting too. I packed and organised and cleaned to an eclectic and edgy dnb soundtrack today. It gave me some energetic attitude. I danced and lifted and loaded and felt strong. I also listened to this song and wished for a few extra helping hands/tails. 😃