Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

I was Fierce

Today was one of those perfect days where everything flowed and reset. I had an amazing, colourful breakfast followed by two chocolate bars. I watched some giggly episodes of Life in Pieces, my zany, surrogate family on the road. I played harp on the lawn in the dappled sunlight surrounded by trees and expanse and later on got complimented in the hotel corridor for my music. I met the local cat, twice, who joined me for lap time on a deckchair. He was silky with the whitest whiskers and the sweetest nature. I celebrated being able to get out of said deckchair. Hooray!

I danced in my personal studio on a beautiful, shiny wooden floor and had the best mirror setup ever. I was happy with what I saw reflected back. I was proud with how far I’d come and all that work I’d done on my body.

I was fierce.

I knew adversity but carried on. I had some damn fine hip moves. My shoulders looked lean and strong. I pounded my arms as the beats came soaring. I stretched and reached. I intertwined with the music and shook out my weaknesses. I belly danced my ass off. All as the CCTV cameras looked on. Hi everyone. I smiled. 🥰

Then - spa time. I taught myself to swim again with my new, temporary offline arm (it feels weird and weak. But not for long. I’m getting better and stronger every day. Yeah). I floated. Like a baby in the womb. I ‘sauna-ered’. I found out my body preferred dry heat. It felt like golden warmth inside. Yum.

And to round off…

I had a neat, spiced rum with the best vanilla scent, on the lawn, in a deckchair, in front of a grand hotel with my favourite human friend. As the balmy night drew in, I realised just how lucky I was. To have freedom. New experiences. A body that loves to dance. And a soul that is full of joyous, sparkly fun.