Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Cats on Kitchen Counters

How wide spread is this phenomenon? In my housesitting experience I’ve seen all kinds of differing rules on the subject from no rules at all to definitely no cats on counters (sometimes cats aren’t even allowed on sofas!).

Leo just walked across the induction hob to proceed up to his hidey hole on top of the kitchen cupboard. Sometimes he turns the hob on. There are always paw prints and fur on the surfaces. Both cats feel totally entitled to walk across them whenever they please. I lift them down but when there’s butter around they’ll do everything in their power to get to the treasure, clambering over saucepans, tea mugs and coffee makers. I’m on high alert if I leave a hot tray out and put a tea towel on the top while it’s cooling. I’m convinced I’ll find one of them curled up in it one day.

This isn’t the only housesit where cats are welcomed onto counters. In another house the cooker safety lock has to be kept on as one catto likes to lie fully stretched out on top of her luxury hob.

Most other homes say no to cats on kitchen surfaces. And the cats seem to respect this. It’s the way forward. It makes for a happy working environment and definitely less fur and cat bum in my porridge.