Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

New 30 Day Dance Challenge ~ Pump it Baby!

I danced properly for the first time in a while today. I had me a nice trance sesh, in the kitchen, on the shiny wooden floor. It felt like smooth ice. A pleasure to move across. You know how I enjoy a good dance floor.

I’m always happy to come back to my trance roots. There’s something about the genre which makes me so smiley and ecstatic. And, oh wow, I found some crackers.

I felt a bit low at first, thinking how I wouldn’t be able to go out dancing for months now, if not longer. There’s something about dancing in a crowd that I just adore. But then I realised and remembered I can be the most free and loose in my own sweet space. I can express and fly and whizz and jive to my own rhythms, privately. Well as privately as I can get in the middle of the city.

Sometimes in a club space I’m all squished in so feel inhibited with my arm movements or the floor is sticky so I can’t glide and slide, or I’m getting bumped around, or drunk people decide to stand right in front of me and start talking together (and it’s even worse when someone farts…sorry).

So I feel gratitude for having such a wonderful dance space right here, right now. At home. Alone. I can whizz and skid across the floor. I can zoom and leap between the rooms. I feel safe and experimental. I can wave my arms around as much as I want and not poke anyone in the eye. I can stop and do a downward dog without the fear of my bum getting pinched. Without the annoyance of treading on broken glass. I’d forgotten all that comes with the freedom of dancing at home. Now it’s coming back to me.

So I’m challenging myself to 30 days of hourly dance sessions. This is day 1. I want to explore trance again. Intelligent trance. Not the trance where the girl singer is wallowing in self pity after her partner’s gone off and left her again (get over it girl). I want to find music to take me on journeys to ethereal places far away. I want to soar like a magical bird. I want the good stuff. Not poppy trance. More serious stuff. And a bit basey and dirty too : ) All while I’m pumping my feet to the beat on the ground (luckily there’s noone living below me right now ha!). I want to get graceful. And sweaty. I want to bounce and go crazy. I want to feel alive.

I want to reawaken my body, add in some weights, activate my situps and remember how to make this body pant. I miss my 5 hour dance nights. Let’s see if I can rekindle the flame again. Day 1. Done. I’ll write down my feelings, experiences and favourite tracks when they come. I had a trippy experience today imagining there was a Devon Rex pixie cat in the flat and they were dancing along with me, causing mischief too. Oh how I’d love a catto dance partner. An imaginary one will have to do.

This track is an oldie but a goodie.

This photo isn’t from today but I like my new t-shirt so much I wanted to share.