Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

The Can-Can

Day 7. My strongest work out. I peeled off another layer in today’s dance. I scraped something from my muscles. Cobwebs. Old habits. The sleepy bits. I went into the unused quarters. And luckily was welcomed in.

The music pounded. I couldn’t stop moving. My heart raced. I can be unsteady. I prefer being graceful. Today I felt perfect. And balanced.

I kicked out. Over and over. Like some kind of showgirl and felt electricity all the way down to my toes. The beat drove on. Kept me going. Moved me faster. More in tune. On and on.

Then some kind of magic awoke. All the muscle connections in my legs between my feet up to my hips felt different. They pulsed. They felt familiar when usually they feel asleep. They made me dance in a different way. From my hips, my core rather than my feet where I usually place all my attention. My core leads. That’s a big deal. I’ve realised it’s usually my right foot leading with no thought of my core at all. Hmmmmm. My core is sending me clues. Brill. Hello core. Stay with me.

I did lots of wiggling. Hip wiggling is my new best friend. Do it for a few mins and it feels amazing. It’s all about the music to lock into. Then I literally can’t stop. I’m grateful for the few belly dance lessons I had. Useful now. This wiggling business makes me feel cleansed. And all I’m doing is shaking my body. Cool.

Dance (to the right music) puts life back in my limbs. It’s such a strong physical connection. Another kind of music can completely bum me out and I can’t dance. But the right music at the right time can send me spiralling out into a fitness journey with no idea where I’ll end up at the end of a session. In today’s I learnt I can kind of can-can. 😄 And that my core is a good thing to get stronger.

Thank you dance. Thank you Charlotte de Witt set. You’re really rocking my boat at the moment. 💃.

Every day. My own personal club. My own personal rave. The wooden floor. The kitchen. Be there.