Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

A Smudging Poochie

Day 9. I feel a bit like Poochie today (a childhood toy - see pic). Solid dance. Lots of movement. Keeping things oiled and building on tone. I can feel how much fitter I am than two weeks ago. Real progress yay! Going to use my new kegal weights tomorrow. Eeeek.

Lots of skidding and sliding today. I’m grateful for the smooth, wooden floors (can’t say that enough). Dancing on carpet in trainers is a real drag. One of the reasons we chose this flat was for the floors. They were that important. Sometimes I take my shoes off, but only if I’m on a yoga mat and then I bounce on it like a mini trampoline. My bare feet on hard surfaces = pain, weird crunchy noises and too much twist.

Feel lucky if you can walk barefoot. Trust me.

I picked two Amerindian medicine cards from my pack. Fox - stealth and invisibility and Alligator - patience and seeing the lighter side in a situation. I liked what I read. It made sense. Picking a card can lift my mood.

I’m noticing more synchronicities in my day. I’m feeling more magical. I’m more connected with Simon. We think the same thing within seconds of each other or know one of us needs the other even though we’re far away. There’s an intuitive antenna in my heart and mind. It feels good.

I smudged sage all over the flat as I boogied. The aroma hit me and I immediately felt refreshed and awakened. I love a bit of smudging. I used to do a lot of ceremonies and smudging with smoke from herbs and spices was really important. It brings a cleansing to the space.