Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Something super duper magical happened in the park this afternoon. We were lying on the grass, waiting for the ping pong table to become available when out of nowhere a little Cornish Rex kitten came bounding over onto our rug, laid down and asked for strokes (her hair was sooooo rippley 😻). Cats aren’t a usual occurrence in that park (are they in any?) especially in a park full of excitable kids.

It was made even more magical by the fact that it was a ‘Rex’ breed because this is a breed of cat we’re really drawn to. We’d heard great things about their friendly, pixie like personalities and it was a bonus them having hypoallergenic hair. They’d eluded us on our housesitting travels and I always felt I’d missed out on spending time with them. And then this little sprite called Meredith came to say hi. She seemed to gravitate towards us. She snuggled up to me and just wanted to be close. And along came the children, crowding round, unable to keep their hands off her. She didn’t mind. They were gentle. And even when they weren’t, she politely told them they were being too rough.

She was so much fun, the children chased her round but she wasn’t frightened or fazed. She ran all over the place leaping for flies, climbing trees, hiding in the willow, as a trail of kiddos snaked after her, magnetised. She loved being around all the people. She loved life.

What a delightful catto.

Oh my goodness i’m so happy. If this isn’t some kind of sign about something or other I don’t know what is. Maybe it was just to remind me that i’m back in my true heart. Back where I belong in myself. Attracting goodness and joy and light and innocence.

We saw where she lived on her tag so we’re going to pay her guardians a visit and find out her story and say hello. Maybe she’s got a sister?!

Even though it’s not quite the time to get our own catto yet, the thought of being able to go to the park to see her is more than enough. Yay for Meredith catto for brightening my day!!!