Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

It’s been one of those days where everything was perfect and right. Where everything worked in my favour. I found everything I was looking for and so much more. It felt like I had more than one guardian angel caring for me today. I have loved this day sooo much. And I’m grateful.

I got new, shiny, red glasses. It’s always exciting getting a new pair isn’t it? I went for a more playful design this time and it’s changed my whole perspective and positive mentality, not just my face. How amazing. I guess it’s similar to getting a new haircut. Or a new style of clothing. They make me feel fab. Yay.

I sought out new Glasgow City streets, enjoyed different vibes, hangouts, designs, cultures and secret passages. Glasgow is great for walking around. Old buildings, sacred churches mixed in with modern, weird and wonderful architecture. And of course, wonderful people all with a patter. I’m loving walking and wandering. Without a car, I’ve had to embrace public transport and new sensations. I’m glad because I see it all differently now. It’s more raw. And alive.

I looked after my health by buying some nourishing herbal medicine. It feels good to nurture myself and I’ll continue to happily engage in becoming the best version of myself.

Then finally I came to Mac’s Shoe Repair shop and my world went up another notch. You see, my feet are real trouble. I’m always buying insoles, I’ve got hundreds of pairs - expensive, handmade, cheap and cheerful, gel, hard etc - I’ve tried them all. And still, my feet aren’t satisfied (that’s an understatement - I can end up crippled very quickly without the right orthotic support). I’ve been through so many shoes and to so many orthotic appointments. I’m always trying to find ways to manage my medical needs and sometimes the journey has been lonely, scary and futile. But today, I had help from George. I didn’t even go in for anything more than a toe repair….I had no idea that he would help me like he did. After an hour, I came out with new orthotic insoles, shaved, glued, moulded, created by him to my very particular requirements. He said “find any soft material you want - a yoga mat even - bring it in, we’ll make it into an insole for you, we’ll make it soft enough”. It was like a dream come true. Somebody who gets what I’m talking about. He’s willing to help me experiment until my feet are happy. He’ll try things little by little until I’m satisfied. He’s my cowboy guardian angel and I’m quite emotional about the time, care and consideration he approached my situation with. I can’t thank him enough - but I can try - starting with regular chocolate bar deliveries.

I’d been wedging pure soft wool under my insole for a few months now, to help with localised rubbing and soreness. Now, I’ve got a special, soft bump protection area, just for me, which keeps my foot happy and doesn’t move around whilst I’m walking (wool can be super wiggly under my kind of feet). I’m a real advocate for using wool to protect against soreness (at the points of shoes for instance) as it’s soft and padded. But there’s something wonderful about finally having some simple leather insoles which don’t squidge up as I walk, protect my broken bumpy bits from further damage and just fit me perfectly.

What happened today was a revelation. And as I work with George more, I can hone this insole design to a tee. I will have ultimate insoles! Without needing a private clinic (expensive) or the NHS (long wait). Just me and George with his old, sturdy machines, filing bits down, gluing on softer sections, tapering lines to help me get my perfect pain free feet. He even said, if I knew how to work the machines, I could do it myself to get the most personal experience ever! Now that would be a story : )

I’ve said it before, I’m saying it now - Love your feet people!!!! They can be easily forgotten when you don’t have problems and while I’m quite jealous of that, I feel very protected foot wise for the first time in a looong time.

Giving thanks to the universe for a lovely day. Thanks to my guardian angels, thanks to the kind, helpful, human people along my way, thanks to the nourishing food and medicine, thanks to my strong legs which got me around and thanks to my sweet companion Simon. I’m eternally grateful.

And thanks to you for reading. I hope you had a great day too!