Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Last night was a beautiful thing. Through the ice mist and multi-coloured light layers, the music pounded on, and we all dug deep to keep up with the amazingly hypnotic techno D.Dan had to offer. I had a bit of a Matrix moment when some creep tried to hug me unannounced and my natural instincts kicked in pushing him away kung-fu style in distaste. 20 years ago I would have let him hug me, feeling embarrassed and awkward, I’m not like that anymore.

The mixture of techno and tiredness made for some interesting facial expressions and dance moves. I luckily found a natural rhythm, calling on the belly dance moves I’d learnt a while back. The music helps me experiment with different parts of my body, to figure out how to hone in on the bits I don’t often pay attention to (core muscles and being able to lift my legs high for instance). The relaxed, trance like state I was in meant I pushed through barriers and boundaries and found my 3rd/4th/5th wind. 2 Snickers bars, a couple of Pro Plus and a Coke were bonuses also : )

The club had a considered speaker system and being an intimate venue, it meant I was never far away from the treble and bass. I was able to appreciate the nuances in the music, hearing the subtleties of the producers creations. The ethereal and uplifting melodies forever drove me on.

I feel so grateful to have made a couple of new friends too. We met in the queue, at another club night and it was fab to meet them again. Meeting over the love of a shared musical experience is super special. And, I had a psychic moment early on in the night when, dancing solo, the two of them popped into my head out of nowhere and then a second later they walked passed waving at me. It was a sweet sign and we got chatting afterwards and even walked some of the way home through the city, before saying goodbye.

We talked about how much we needed these club nights to survive this intense world. It’s funny, because to many these club nights themselves are super intense, but for the three of us they represent a time to feel free and at one with the music and our bodies. Being able to let go, leave all our fears behind and simply stomp to the beat of the drum is medicine for our souls.

I picked up a rental bike and cycled along a gorgeous river path, cycling under a huge bridge where I heard the singsong of wrens in the early morning mist. Finally, there was a 20 mins walk home, which did take me an age because my foot was stiff and painful and I was tired by then (5:30am) but I persevered (like a tortoise) because all the way home the dawn chorus kept me company and my goodness, did I listen to an orchestra of birds this morning! Expect some more harp pieces with these dawn samples soon. I can’t think of a more magical way to celebrate their magical melodies.

I reached my front door carrying my coat, rosy cheeked, in a summer top. It might have been 0 degrees out, but the night of dance warmed my heart so, that I could have powered the whole street’s heating with my happy, healthy energy.