Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Do you ever get overwhelmed by pain and feel so scared about how you’re going to cope? Then, your fear of that situation can bring you even more trauma and even more pain…what a merry-go-round nightmare!

What about dancing (mentally and physically) though your pain…could that be an option?

I’ve lived both ways (I’ve had disabilities my whole life) - the traumatic, painful, all consuming way and the new and improved way. By changing my state of my mind to joy.

Now, I love dancing through pain. Like, I’m in pain and it’s painful but I don’t let it frustrate me, which causes me more anxiety. Instead of freaking out or reacting to it, I rise above it and thank it, seeing it as something to accept, ignore and overcome. The more power you give pain, the more it hurts! Have you noticed that?

The more you detach from it and carry on living - the more you create, the less it bothers. Our mental strength can help our physical bodies heal so much, just through our positive, joyful thoughts.

A feeling of contentment and trust within is a shield against a veil of pain! That’s magic and healing right there.

How can you bring more joy into your life?