Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Cheeky evening coffee whilst listening to a classic trance set from Cosmic Gate? Don’t mind if I do : ) Oh my goodness, there are some real classics in this one. Only aired yesterday so great timing woo! Super uplifting melodies. Off to write about Venus now byeeee : )

That’s me away then, full of oxygen and exuberance after leaping round to Trym’s bangin set. He plays some belters and loves the Old Skool vibe. Thanks Trym. Looking forward to seeing him soon. It’ll be a mad night. I’m currently in training to give my body a 5hr dancing chance.

Taking on a load of shelter dogs and putting hours of training into their rehabilitation is a beautiful thing to think about. And when it’s all filmed, you get to really see the hard work in action and the dream coming to life. Today they had a day off beginning with puppucinos.

Cosmic Stones is a new 30 minute track over on Bandcamp I’ve just released. 🥳

An über deep and slow cosmic harp journey with lots of basey reverb sending you right into the heart of these stones of magik. There’s a layer of white noise in there too, subtle, yet comforting.

The Raven

I’m half way through a new Cosmic Harp project and get so giddily excited about it all, like a little kid wanting to share their creations with the world. Eleven pieces in total, all with their own unique flavour, based around a celestial theme. Here are four of them. ✨🤩✨

A super story about charming ravens and a lovely lady in Hollywood.

Beautiful Bird is so special to me. I received it in the final moments when my mother passed. I felt her spirit leave her body and I began to journey away with her. Then I remembered I had to come back! As I was ‘re-entering’ the room this song was fully-formed in my head.

An acoustic excerpt of my new cover song Beautiful Bird.

🎊 New Song Release 🎊 Beautiful Bird is a song I’ve covered by Adrian Freedman. There’s a magical video for it here.

I was touched when I heard this beautiful version by Holly. I love the gentle, ethereal character of her voice and her interpretation of the song.

This is the coolest mix by Anna Gram, I’ve got on repeat at the moment. So many 80s vibes and ethereal melodies with a classic trance sound. Groovy af! These tracks remind me of the good old trance days in the early 2000s at The Opera House in Bournemouth. Beautiful.

There is a song coming soon, a powerful song, which I received in the moments of the death of my dear mother. The song touches upon grieving and sorrow, but is also a song of liberation. Thank you to Holly Honeychurch for this ethereal interpretation of the song.

Luizclas ❤︎

If you fancy a simple, melancholic, cosmic harp journey with a flower, here’s my latest Late Nite Harp podcast - Flower Blooming. Some of you may have heard it during Micro Camp. Here’s the whole 8 minutes : )

2nd jag day. Even though I’ve already had Covid (and fortunately wasn’t too badly affected) I’ve still got to have the 2nd dose as it’s the only way I can legally go clubbing in Scotland. The things I do for dancing.

Doesn’t get much cuter than this. Goblins aka pugs in their Halloween costumes.

Always learning.

Just found an awesome Glaswegian DJ, Anna Gram. Delicious, retro, melodic flavours run through her ever changing beats. I’m glad I get to party with her in December. I love hearing new DJs. Glasgow has an eclectic mix and all are welcome. Party on people. Go sparkle! 💃🏾✨🕺🏽

I love these foxy characters, including a tree fox who can climb so high.

And sweet Muttias with his foxy sounds.

I find foxes endearing and I love Save a Fox rescue centre for taking in those in need.

This is some kinda doggy paradise.

New favourite YouTube channel. Doggy Daycare Farm Trips in Australia. It makes me so happy watching this.

Last autumn, I released an autumnally inspired cosmic harp journey. It’s a swirly piece with contrasting layers, full of sparkle and radiance. A lot has happened since then, including releasing an album and a course. I still love it.

Image by Radu

Floofy hair dayz.

Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church in Paisley, on a bright, sunny day is something special. I just adore these sandstone steps.

I had an interview on UK Health Radio’s, Alchemy 101 recently. Can’t quite bring myself to listen to it, I’ve heard that’s a normal reaction, but I appreciate having the opportunity to talk about what I do and share a little music with JJ Stenhouse.

Fireworks over the city last night too far away to capture. A blur of light was just as pretty. Officially known as Guy Fawkes Night in the UK.