Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Firework flower (unofficial name). I look forward to this flower in the colder months as it smells divine.

Definite Labyrinth vibe. Yes I was hoping to see the talking caterpillar.

Swan with an attitude. A minute later he’d pecked a younger male on the wing through the fence and wouldn’t let go! Haven’t seen such aggressive posturing before.

Quite a party down at Victoria Park today.

Fav leaves ever - the ornamental cherry tree. 😍 I am officially overwhelmed by Autumnal beauty.

Nature’s confetti

Sprinkle me with colourful leaves and I’ll be happy forever.

Listen to the Raindrops and look out for the hummingbirds : ) Five minutes of musical tranquility and stunning scenery.

Always a great morning when you discover there’s velvety, strokable moss growing on your kitchen window ledge. 👍🏽

Pensive Leaf Lover 🤔🍁❤️🍀🍄

Crazy Leaf Lover 🍁

Aberfoyle Forest, Stirling. Autumn hues and I found fantasy moss too! (and spent a good wee while connecting with the fairies and spirits hiding there : ) I may have stroked the moss too.

I’m so excited by autumn. I feel I’ve missed out on it these past few years because of the areas I’ve lived in. There just weren’t many trees or they weren’t that accessible to me. So this year, being in a city with oodles of trees, I’ve been kicking 🍁’s around, oooing at the bright red acers, ahhhing at any leaf that’s bright orange (I’ve got such a thing for orange at the moment). And don’t get me started on golden birch leaves lighting up the sky like canary diamonds sparkling in the sunshine. Yummy! I feel like I’m gasping out loud wherever I go. Over leaves! Brilliant.

Playing in the leaves, watching them float down like snowflakes in the breeze, being in this autumn energy, taking in the rich, vibrant colours leaves me feeling like one happy girl woo! 😉 🍁🌲🍂🍄🦔

Welcome to my wires! They have a mind of their own and I tend to let them spread. They’re wild at heart just like me. I’m very good at taking up desk space too so dusting can get interesting. 😉

I got my maraca out for my new song. Love a bit of maraca now and again. 😁 💃 🎵

Full on ‘tidy up dance sesh’ today. I have a sparkling house and a happy body now woo! The music was loud and the heart was beating. I love letting go of all mind burdens while I belly dance and fist pump around the house. I love my wooden dance floor and I love this DnB set.

Early morning harp practise…well early for me. 😊 10:20am. Glasgow, Scotland. #adayinthelife

I’ve made a video for a song called Beautiful Bird by Adrian Freedman. It’s full of colour, magic and healing. I’m experimenting with new techniques in each video and after discovering Pixabay for images, I’m flying into a whole new realm of creative imagination. So grateful.

Here’s a song about angels I’ve been working on the last few days. I love the first picture in the video, it’s such an amazing explosion of heavenly white and blue. Yummy! It’s a little healing song to remember our smiles and joys and help invoke a golden, warm, protective light.

These are some of my favourite compositions I’ve made using images from Pixabay. I love Pixabay!

Thank you to:
Chiplanay, Bessi, Digital_Works, Stefano Ferrario, Lumina Obscura, Enrique Meseguer, Family Photo Studio, Pexels, DarkmoonArt_de, Dieter_G, PublicDomainPictures, geralt, marvelmozhko, KELLEPICS, Activedia, ddimitrova, FelixMittermeier, Smimbipi, WenPhotos and cherylholt for your amazing photos.

Blending and experimenting in Filmora today. Love these petrol colours. And I’ve remastered the video I posted yesterday slightly too. The pursuit of perfection is addictive and ever changing. Now I’ll let it be and not watch it for the hundreth time. I’m going a bit crazy now.

I’ve been working on a video for a cover song I recorded from Carnival Row. It’s a soulful lullaby. Playing with my new video editor has openend up a whole world of blending. I love blending! So many colours to merge and sparkles to add. Creating magical musical art is the best!

Are you lucky enough to have hummingbirds in your garden? What a joy! How amazing are hummingbirds?! Today I created a beautiful music video for my latest song Beija-Flor full of magical hummingbirds. I feel like I’ve been looking at exquisite jewels all day. Woweeeee.

We met Merry the Cornish Rex again. We met her guardians too (cats don’t have owners you know). Her ripply, velvety coat shone in the sunshine. She’s sweet and playful. She goes to the park for an hour each day and her hobby is chasing things that fly. She’s a real little pixie.

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