Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Untangle from your mind and breathe in nature’s power.

I let go of everything holding me back.

Repeat after me: My thoughts are light and positive. I deserve to feel free.

Well this is a rather high energy, banging techno set to blow away the cobwebs. I do like it fast and hard you know. 999999999 - what a name 😅 One comment - You need to wear a hydration pack when you see these guys live.

When life throws so many different crises at you simultaneously, I’ve learnt it’s an opportunity to trust and have total faith in the flow. Surrender. Shed. Open. Let go. Know that if you stay true to your heart and pray for peace, it eventually comes knocking.

The calm after the storm.

Sea Swirl is my new harp piece over on Late Nite Harp. Sail away into a healing, nourishing ocean of magical sound.

Wave by Dimitri 🌊

I sowed many marigold seeds this year and only one sprouted. Through winds and storms it grew stronger and now it’s a giant and the last flower in the garden. Grateful to have a pop of late, vibrant orange with still many buds yet to open.

Fancy going on a potato trip?

Through the recent chaos and uncertainty, bright, shining, supportive hearts have been there. I’ve wept tears of gratitude and received so much love from kind, caring souls. Our new housing officer, friends & neighbours have offered up so much help. It’s wonderful & humbling ⭐🙏🏻

Three seasons here. Thought there’d be a snowy white fourth but now my journey has unexpectedly changed. The landlord says I can’t live here anymore due to a leaking roof he doesn’t want to fix. Didn’t think I’d be packing up again this quickly and it’s a mystery what will happen in the next month. I have total trust and faith in the universe to look after me and take me somewhere better, somewhere wonderful, where I don’t have to ask permission to have a cat 😻

Took this photo five minutes ago and it’s now completely grey. Loving this wild Scottish weather.

Jackdaw delight.


Yay it’s the guinea pig brigade! 🥰

Pre-party set up for the community Halloween party and Pixie didn’t know which way to turn. Were the flying bats and ghosts gonna get it? Was it the pumpkin’s moment to play? Or were the crinkly tablecloths going to be pulled down? She was everywhere last night, leaping about like an excited sprite until I took her home when all the people arrived. Even then, later on, she did a Houdini escape. She’s the only cat I know who would actively dive into a crowd of 150 people without fear 😂 Until she was caught and sent home again 👻

I love a cat’s purr. I also love it when I put sound effects on that purr creating something cosmic to dive into and float in. Come tumble into this cosmic purr, it’s a hypnotic ride.

Cat by Marek

In the gardens where I volunteer there are many different areas of lushness. Sometimes I work in the rose garden, other times by the wall of ferns. This picture was taken in the wild section, next to the compost heap where Pixie followed me to. It was amazing to see her energy change - she became a little more wild, leaping about, leaping up high, chatting, getting frisky. She could sense imaginary mice everywhere. She was enlivened. Her true feline nature was activated.

I love the juxtaposition of these two videos in my YouTube feed. Strong women of around the same age, choosing their own life paths. One desperately wanted kids, the other desperately doesn’t.

The most important thing is that they are free to choose what they want.

Neptune, over on Late Nite Harp, would like to introduce itself during twenty minutes of glorious sound. Are you ready for the ride? Thank you for supporting my music lovely star gazers ✨🎶💗🎶✨

Hypnotic Neptune image by 95C.

Autumnal yumminess. Garlic chestnut mushrooms and mashed tatties with peas and marinated tofu.

All ready for the local children’s Halloween party next week. I’m not into scary costumes (either looking at or wearing) so I’ve been assigned to the wee little kiddies area where of course, I can manage a catto mask. Meow.

Love all the delicate water beads in the bottom right hand corner.

Enjoy Halloween? Love cats? Look no further than this epic and eerie soundscape adventure Into the Cavern of Cats.

Reverb on purrs might be the single best thing I’ve ever discovered.