Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

I’m in love with Weddell Seal song.

Cheeky Chappy

What school bag did you have? I had a hard Samsonite briefcase laden down with many books. It could get super heavy depending on the day and survived being thrown around a fair bit. It felt indestructible actually. Now I’m a soft, light backpack kinda gal 😃

The Keep Going On Song by The Bengsons is my new favourite song and seems to make me and so many others incredibly emotional. The comments section is a beautiful sharing. It’s wholesome, innocent, gentle, sensitive and poignant and I love it and I love them. What a duo. Just wonderful.

Cheeky doggo hoping to play ball with a stranger through the fence.

I love her face.

Glorious Glasgow ~ Kelvingrove Park

I felt vulnerable and insecure yesterday and couldn’t control my emotions. I was questioning my musical direction and feeling sorry for myself after a strange review came through to me. I was so sad that I even incorporated the experience into my dream. And the dream amplified my sorrow ten fold because I dreamt that more and more bad reviews were piling up. I felt like a ship lost at sea without her anchor. It was sad because I was loving my music one moment and then just because of someone’s opinion, all of a sudden I changed course and started questioning myself. Was I doing the right thing? Maybe I should make it like this so they’ll like it better. I was annoyed at them too - why even leave anything at all? Why not just think - this isn’t for me - and move on. Without a trace.

I felt judged. I didn’t like it. I tumbled into a big dramatic story which got me no-where, simply further into my own wallowing. I felt concerned that I could be derailed over something so small. One person’s opinion. Aarrgghh. I didn’t want to be that sensitive dammit. I wanted to be like Gandhi - “I WILL NOT LET ANYONE WALK THROUGH MY MIND WITH THEIR DITRY FEET.” and Elizabeth Gilbert - “If people don’t like what I’ve written, they can go write their own f@#king books.”

So after a long day of ups and downs I went to bed thinking - good or bad - those reviews aren’t any of my business. It made me feel peaceful knowing I was out of that game of ‘like’ desperation. I’m happy when people write lovely things about my music (“I never realized how beautiful the harp could be. Thank you.”) and it makes me feel positive to think people are getting something out of my creations but I can’t let my life be ruled by their ratings and reviews. It’s taken some time to realise this and during that time I’ve witnessed my mood shifting dangerously, according to someone else’s opinion. I wonder why I loose myself so quickly to others? I’m glad for this experience though, it’s put things into perspective and helped me evolve.

Now I see more clearly - I’m on my own journey of expansion and discovery. I’ve got to be authentic. After my harp pieces have been released - they fly away - to distant shores - and my part in their story is over. I don’t need to keep checking up on them. It makes me feel free from the burden of others.

So of course….today I’m a featured artist on the same platform I got stressed about yesterday. Here’s a song called Aurora. The universe has a funny sense of humour don’t you think?

Delightful springtime walk. Can’t believe how pink, pink flowers are. They’ve got their own level of chrome going on.

Curious lines of light this morning.

I read an interview with Leigh Bardugo. I hadn’t heard of her before and saw she’s published many books and has a new Netflix series - Shadow and Bone. I liked the sound of it as I love dark, exotic, fantasy worlds with magical female protagonists. One episode in. I’m loving it.

Just bought a chocolate cake, didn’t bother slicing a piece off, got a couple of forks and delved into it whole. I’m living the dream people! After fantasising about this moment as a kid, I’ve just chomped freely on an entire chocolate cake. With my best friend. A perfect moment.

The Spring Queen is my new cosmic harp piece I’ve just released over on Late Nite Harp if anyone wants to go on a trippy, ethereal adventure before bedtime : )

Today the cats were out in full force. As my walk started, I thought I’d interrupted a meeting of witches and wizards after I met five cats down one lane alone. They weren’t friendly so I couldn’t get that confirmed but expected as much. After a while a semi friendly black cat allowed me a wee caress before settling down to do some business in the gutter (very conscientious I thought) - I also thought it was a good time to leave. I returned to my neighbourhood hoping for the friendliest cat in the world to be hanging out in its luscious green garden - we did a little squeak and out it popped! Bells ringing, fanfare all around, brushing up to us and wanting strokes. I love this catto! Feeling fulfilled, I headed for home only to notice another cat along the same street - a big, black cat, lying on a picnic bench, who did not take too much coaxing before it launched itself onto the low fence and was offering itself up for loving. This was by far the most amount of attention I’ve had all year from my favourite furry beasts. And I’m basking in the love. Long may it continue.

I’m a quiet, gentle activist for freedom and human rights. I’m not sure I’d be any good at actually being out there on the front line unless they needed a blubbering soul, overwhelmed with emotions at how beautiful a community can truly be. I’ll just be here in my kitchen, weeping with joy and happiness then. The Moment of Release.

Had a cool review from my latest track on Insight Timer just now. Someone wrote -

“Oh was this ever sweet. It was magical. At times it felt mysterious. And even sinister at times. But during the entire time, I was relaxed and under its spell. The droning sound was what I focused on and the harp sounds moved around inside me like little tiny butterflies flitting about. Going where they wanted. Bouncing and healing their way throughout my mind and body. This was enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this. 🙏🏻💗🥰. “

You can find the piece here.

How beautiful and grateful does this man look? It fills me with happiness knowing that he and his friends are free in Scotland now.

Good morning. Happy Friday! Here’s a short, peaceful guided meditation from Mooji - Seeing without eyes, knowing without mind.

I’m proud to live in a country where human rights, equality, standing up for justice and loving thy neighbour are top priorities. Today in Glasgow, an immigration police van was surrounded by locals and stopped from taking people away to who knows what horrors. On the important day of Eid, people stood together to help their neighbours. They succeeded. The people were freed! The new laws on immigration and deportation, controlled by Westminster - until Scotland becomes independent - are horrendous. England is getting more and more racist and I’m fed up with it. But today, the people won.

Power to the people, stick it to the man! I love you Scotland.

Love love LOVE kilts.

Today was another fun trip out on the train with sandwiches! I visited Dumbarton. I sat on a bench in the sunshine on the bank of the River Clyde. The tide rolled out, dogs frolicked on the shore with frisbees, the Dumbarton Rock stood tall in the distance. People were happy.

Feeling soothed by this sweetly, harmonic song. Hymn of Healing by Beautiful Chorus has a super peaceful energy about it.