Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

30 Days of Dancing #19 Today I’m happy I can see more definition in my face. It got with puffy with all the dairy I was eating. I’ve mostly cut it out now along with meat. Seems to be doing my figure a load of good being back with the plants. Absolutely loved this Sean Tyas set.

30 Days of Dancing #18 Really remembering the ‘old’ way of dancing with other people in today’s dance. Just before the world locked down I was in a basement club getting sweaty with strangers. It’s a weirdly exhilarating pastime, connecting with folk over dance, music and smiles.

Early ‘trance’ from the late 90s I used to dance to definitely had more of a sexy vibe than today’s offerings. Now women seem to sing about relationships in trance songs but back then they also sang songs like these…9pm til I Come and Encore une Fois.

30 Days of Dancing #17 I love Factor B. He knows how to end a set. He had me dancing to classic songs from my youth like Born Slippy and this gem. Got a good dance hoover in today and worked up some heat in the kitchen in between chopping πŸ₯• πŸ₯• and peeling πŸ₯”πŸ₯”. Here’s his set.

30 Days of Dancing #16 Sleeeeeeeepy today. But still danced in various seated positions for a couple of hours. It’s amazing how fit you can feel without even standing up but by moving your whole body consistently, to a repetitive beat. Beats rule : ) So does this track from 1999.

Entered the bathroom to discover it had turned into a pine forest. Yay! 🌲 πŸŽ„ 🌲 What a delicious scent. I ❀️ pine.

Celebrating kindness and sweetness today (and every day). Saying thank you, being helpful, feeling the love. Magical moments of humanity.

Three things to make you smile - A girl and her donkey, a doggo being derpy and a wild cat sanctuary at feeding time.

30 Days of Dancing #15 Pretty much rocked out to old Eddie Halliwell sets all evening. The recordings were raw, the clubs sounded rammed, the crowds were cheering and the tunes were mint. This guy, in his heyday, had the world at his findertips without even having to say a word.

30 Days of Dancing #14 I love lasers. Especially flat ones which are amazing to put your hands through when given half a chance in a club. Here’s a collection of them. Tonight it’s all about moving with confidence through the candlelight. Feeling light. Heart’s pumping. πŸ’ƒπŸŒŸπŸ’•πŸŒŸπŸ’ƒ

Fancy some beautiful trance? John O’Callaghan has done rather a nice set. Currently dancing to it and feeling the love.

Love a bit of Simon’s Cat. This one is particularly sweet.

30 Days of Dancing #13 I’ve got my old swirly chair back. I’ve found out this is a great piece of equipment to use whilst dancing. It helps me stretch my back out in a wiggly kinda way : ) I love using the world around to stretch, like surfaces, walls and chairs. I’ll try anything once…including people! A yoga teacher once told me he was always incorporationg the furniture in his yoga routines. I totally get where he’s coming from now.

Welcome to my winter cave. It’s very nice in here. The sheepskin on my chair has travelled round with me a fair few years. I’m so glad to have it out again. My old friend.

The dance tonight made me feel tight and strong and supple. My knees had started to twinge sharply before I started this challenge but now, as I bounce and move across the dancefloor each session, I feel oiled, confident and able. It’s a great feeling! I can resemble a wooden soldier when walking the streets outside, so to be supple and loose when dancing is a feeling I want always to cultivate. Maybe I should dance walk for the rest of my life? Like this happy, wonderful soul - Tommy Franklin aka Salty Rain - my hero.

Fabulous trance set from Factor B. Haven’t heard him DJ before. This was beautiful. Very uplifting. Love his passion. He’s also got a side project called Highlandr which is hybrid trance and I’m yet to listen to. Curious though : )

A parrot and a hamster made me smile today.

At 23, Bosh was the CD to have. Free on the cover of popular Mixmag in 2002, I’m just listening to it again and the eclectic mix of trance and hardhouse makes this set one of the most amazing. It took me a while to get used to old beats but then it starts to shine. So good.

Christmas Lights and Chocolate Biscuits

47 Hello! In today’s episode I talk about harp projects, my love of chocolate biscuits, becoming a mad lighthouse keeper and letting my hair down these next two months. Cheers!

30 Days of Dancing #12 How amazing is crouching?! I’ve found myself instinctively doing a lot of it during dance time. Before this dance challenge I would hear myself groan as I creaked slowly down to pick up whatever was on the floor. Now I relish the opportunity. Woohoo!

I love natural doll faces. In the pictures for this article, when you see them side by side, there’s such a different vibe coming from each of them. I had a barbie when I was little. I loved her spangly bracelet and ring. Never did I notice her makeup. Why so much these days?

30 Days of Dancing #11 Bought candles today, turned off all the lights and spent the hour dancing in the dark with candlelight. It felt amazing! Dancing in the dark with soft flowing light is truly epic. It feels natural and safe. Listened to a new DJ too called Liquid Soul. πŸ•―

30 Days of Dancing #10 I love exploring stretches. I find my arms stretching up high and in wide circles during sets like this. My joints are happier since being more oiled and my stabbed shoulder has gone (πŸ₯³). This stretch out to my fingers is super strong up my wrist. Yummy.

30 Days of Dancing #9 I danced to old and new music tonight. A real mashup of history. I heard this old tune which always got me going (how popular was TiΓ«sto back in the day?!) and this new tune which, when I first heard it, stopped me in my tracks for it’s soulful melody.

Dance Friends

30 Days of Dancing #8 Today’s dance was round the supermarket with the potatoes, criossants and mince pies. I got some smooth moves in with the carrots too ; ) Looking forward to getting back into this weekend and having a trance kitchen festival with an all day dance sesh. Woo!