Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Beautifully intricate

Land of Healing Flowers is a visualisation to a magical, calm place full of nature. Come rest here for a while in the green, mossy grass and let go of all that isn’t serving you. Featuring lovely bird song, a babbling brook and some uplifting music.

Buddleia by Almavanta

Garden offerings. Spinach, thyme, chives, parsley, nasturtiums, raspberries.

Super duper magical sunset

A bunch of freshly cut flowers over the heart felt wonderful and healing. Try it!

Awesome funky set with a mega enthusiastic crowd. This is Fred again.. in the Boiler Room. So much love going on there. Bring on the juicy beats baby. Oooo yeah💃🏽🕺🏽👯‍♀️🌟

Wow, I’ve never been to bbq before but tonight was the night I got to try my first proper burger (extra crispy please) and enough fancy pants whiskey and homemade alcohol to make the cycle home extremely fast and exhilarating 🚴 ✨weeeeeeeee.

Yay. Kitty was back at the park for some action play in between hissing at the local doggos. 😻

Had one of those amazing days realising it’s the simple things that truly matter. I got to hang out in the park with a cheeky Pixie cat, I picked gooseberries and potted on flowers, then I got given delicious tatties (🥔🥔🥔) to take home for tea. Feeling grateful for happiness.

Playful Pixie

I volunteer at a beautiful horticultural park. Today I was picking gooseberries and had wonderful company from Pixie who lives nearby. I’m ecstatic cos she’s the kind of cat (Oriental) I would love to have at home one day. So delightful to see her free amongst the flowers. Yay!😻

Psychic Vampires. What are they, why do they exist and how to escape from them. New episode on Meditation Lights.


Lion’s mane

Come watch some doggy fun at The Farm. Love this place so much. Doggy rehabilitation and sanctuary at its finest.

Enjoy this Love Activation over on Late Nite Harp. Listen to connect with higher powers and feel love all around. 432Hz is a frequency of peace and love. Use its spirit and energy to lift yourself up and create an inner vibe that will make you fly like a bird full of love.


Just watched a beautiful, little, innocent series called Heartstopper. Set in a school in England, it follows the escapades of school life, romance, confidence, coming out, and friendship. It’s so sweet and lovely - a feel good watch. Creative shots and soundtrack too. Love it.

Me, trying to leave the balcony free of plants 😁

A lady donated lots of ferns to me after needing to move them out of her garden. This is what I did with them. They seem happy under the beech trees protected from the sun, dancing merrily with the flowers in the shade.

The evolution of the garden in the four months since we arrived…