Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

I’ve got a new cat friend. He comes to visit me every day - well, he comes for the cat who’s on heat - I just happen to have a garden where he waits for her. I do however have the best bamboo stick and I know exactly how to excite him 😆 so much so he comes and asks me to play 😻

Well hello pretty purple flowers. Don’t you just love nature growing out of walls? 😍

A gorgeous little song about hummingbirds has been released over on Late Nite Harp. Also, I talk a bit about me, my harp, my lovely listeners and being a mermaid.

Amazing hummingbird image from Pexels 😍

Oh how I laughed at this. Spot the sea lion. A fun YT channel. This doggo one’s great too.

More of Nala’s whiskers can be found in this video 😻

I write a letter to my brain in this week’s episode of Meditation Lights. This is Resisting Letting Go of the Bad.


And bunnies 🐰 They’re very tame and very big here. Now I understand why there’s netting all around my garden fences. 😃 I just know there’s a Peter Rabbit amongst them. 😂

We have some new horsey friends for the summer.

Everything by the wonderful Anathema always makes me emotional. In fact many of their songs make me emotional - they’re just so good at making me weep in a spiritual kinda way. 😆 They’re incredible musicians.

“Everything is energy
And energy is you and me”

Happy Friday!

Been coveting these headphones for a while. They feel so comfy and cosy on my ears.

Well hello there super cute Labyrinth flowers. 😍

Awesome classic trance set here from Solarstone made all the more wonderful by the epic views from my dance floor space (soon to be filled with beech leaves). Trance uplift - countryside mode - activated! ✨💃🏾🚀

Yay! Presenting my new whirly washing line - cemented into the ground because it gets soooo windy here up in the hills. I’m very excited - too excited - I just love washing then pegging it all up outside in the sun. I’ve even got special pegs. 😁🤣 Here comes the peg porn…..🥰

A melancholic harp reset in 432Hz is waiting for you over on Late Nite Harp. ✨


I love Vök. First discovered them in a cool cafe in Munich called Lost Weekend. Tonight I enjoyed a mini concert from back in 2016. They’re just so dang cool. Fabulous and funky.

New meditation out on Resentment. How do you let it go when it comes? ❤️

I find it far too difficult to refrain from eating all the freshly baked cookies before they’re cooled. These Anzac Biscuits are so buttery and substantial. They’ll keep me going for a while. Well the next few hours anyway. 🤣

What an awesome set from DJ Luter One. He plays fantastic soul and beats from the 80s/90s and I love his vibe soooooo much. New Jack Swing has a sultry, soulful, funky feel to get down to 😍 What a find! ✨💃🏾🕺🏽✨

Morning light glory.

Doggo and birdo here to spread love.