Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Holly’s Happy Joy newsletter no.2 is out today and features cosmic clouds, sacred spaces, curious wild seals and a baby moose playing with a sprinkler. Sign up here for more fun times to make you smile.

Just taking a moment to appreciate how amazing it feels to get back home after a challengng day in chaotic surroundings. I’m so grateful I can come back to a safe space full of nourishment and gentleness. Grateful indeed. Cosy and snug are my favourite feelings 💗 Blankey is on. 😄

If you’re looking for a great vocal warmup, Mark Baxter is brilliant. I love reading the comments too because everyone is so grateful for his teachings. He’s a really good guy. And fun. I’ve had him in my favourites for a long time.

Come rest your head for a while. Relax, unwind, put your worries and troubles into this healing harp music. Send your prayers up into these celestial vibrations and take a little time for yourself. It’ll be a glorious harp hug. Let’s humble our hearts and connect with divinity.

Amazing sunlight in the paddock.

Well that’s fun.

This mad face is so happy to be outside breathing in fresh air and listening to the birds. Yummy!

Oooo cosmic excitement as dangerously vibrant as can be.

New 30 min harp journey - Miracles - is out now on Bandcamp 🍾🎶✨ The reverberation is so majestic and the cover was one of my own miraculous moments. A swan, a harp, a forest and I, all meeting together for a graceful rendezvous.

To get a free code click here

Full swan video here

Devotion is a day from a new 30 day course I’m in the middle of making. Five minutes of sparkle for 30 days. Now what’s not to love about that? It’s empowering and gentle, nourishing and full of healing. It’s a place to find peace, make peace and shine from within.

Have you ever experienced a miracle? I see miracles everywhere. Acorns that turn into oak trees, a baby’s giggle, birdsong, sunrises. Then there are unique miracles that save lives and change futures. Wowee.

Let’s make miracles through celestial, healing, loving harp. 🧡✨🎶

I love sunsets when the sky is full of magic.

Magical miracles and healing harp. Sat 11 Feb 12pm GMT. Come listen to stories about miracles. Little ones, big ones. Serendipitous signs from universe. Let’s connect together, pray for each other’s miracles and surrender into love. Followed by a lovely, ethereal harp miracle. 🎶

I heard this truth recently - Right now is the youngest you’ll ever be. And now…and now…This is so powerful to me. I want to use each and every moment to think and speak lovingly. What about you?

Even made it to the sea. 🥳 This was a much needed day out. When there’s no car and not much money, there’s a tendency to stay put at home or very locally. I’ve been getting cabin fever as it’s been like this for a year. So grateful to spread my wings a little today. Freedom!

Enjoyed a wee brunch in Oqo, Leith.

Spent some time in St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh.

What a beautiful day. It began at dawn.

I bow before this radiant light.

A shining meditation full of light. Received on the night of the snowy full moon. It will help you make decisions, be gentle on yourself and show strength with a compassionate heart. It will help you discern what’s right for your heart. You’ll receive a moon bath of grace.

This birdsong was recorded in the Peak District countryside, in the centre of the UK full of glorious hills, fresh air and wildlife. It’s a dawn chorus with many bright melodies and healing notes. If you need it, this is a harp hug for you.

The Queen of the Sea. Mamãe Yemanja. A healing, divine, potent force full of nurture and light. It’s her day today. Yay! ✨💙✨ Let’s celebrate her glory with a song to her loveliness. Let her hold you in a deep embrace and wash away your worries. Love and seashells to all. 🐟🐠🐬🐳🐡✨🐙⚓️🧜‍♀️🧜🏼✨🧜🏿‍♂️🦑✨🦭🪸💕💜💛