Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Cute apprehensive starlings and frustrated airborne seagulls wondering about the morsels of bread by the car.

My Home Bakery in Hyndland Street is a delightfully cosy place with exquisitely fresh cakes of all shapes and sizes. The vibe is happy, the coffee comforting and the cake, a cacophony of flavours. I had a mango and passion fruit volcano! Nom.

Better to die on your feet than live forever on your knees - Dolores Ibarruri.


Eeeeeeeeee. So lovely.

Yes please.

Rachel the Songbird giving Glasgow some high energy vibes. She made me smile so much. 😸

I’ve been in a Glaswegian whirlwind today traversing the city, admiring buildings, smiling at smiley people, drinking tea, enjoying accents, trying on posh raincoats, sussing out under and overground train systems and having a great time. I’m so glad to be dancing in Glasgow.

I’m in Tchaiovna. A calm, funky teahouse in the West of Glasgow. I’m drinking something different. I’m drinking something nourishing. I’m not sure what the effect will be in the hours to come but I’m excited and ready for the ride.

Looking out from the west coast of Scotland, Gourock. And welcomed by a rainbow. 🌈

Hotel time. Coffee with cream. Double demerera rum on ice. Feels like a nice soft intro before we drive up the West coast tomorrow to start looking for somewhere to live. I’m reflecting on times past. Housesitting adventures. Cat friends. I’m grateful and thankful. I feel free.🥳

Amazing birdsong in Bristol. 4am echoes. Bouncing off buildings.

Yay! We made it to our overnight stop in Gretna Green. The Gateway to Scotland and a famous stop for people wanting to get married. 🥰

A great discovery - after leaping around like a crazy person for hours, it’s the loveliest thing to walk outside and stand in soft, gentle rain. It’s winter. I was in a vest but it felt like the most amazing cool caress.

I love this view from outside the club. Moody.

I was definitely open last night after a 6 hour marathon dance off sesh in Bristol’s warehouse club Motion. I got down. I got dirty. Fast beats shook my body (sometimes too much!). I felt light. I overcame exhaustion. A great way to celebrate new beginnings. Shimmy on pixies. 💜

Yay Dee Dee’s driving. 😻

New playground. ❤️


I can feel their heartbeats. 😻😻

Officially the last day of housesitting today. 🥳 Cattos have other ideas. 🤔

I visited the cake shop of my childhood today. Chocolate cream puffs, cream doughnuts, florentines. Omg I loved them all. And I loved them again today. I’m surprised I didn’t burst with excitement. Welcome to the world of Bird’s Bakery. I give you CAKES. Happy happy nom nom.

Incorporating twenty star jumps into my dance sesh tonight made me remember just how free and loose my body was as a kid. Also, just how important weight bearing exercises are. I could feel my brain connecting with my feet, gravity got involved and everything felt expansive man.

And what’s going on in here exactly? Miss Dee Dee can’t resist an open, snuggly harp bag.