Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

The Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth.

“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside”

I enjoy listening to dnb music whilst shopping. I love grooving down the aisle in my own joyous world with a big smile on my face. I’m in my happy place. It’s always a surprise turning it off to pay and hearing generic pop music blaring out. Yikes. My fav wireless headphones. ā¤ļø

Feeling grateful to find everything I want for winter in the sales. Boots to help me to walk well, marked down so much it felt like the angels had something to do with it. Clothes to keep me warm and cosy and a bag of shiny chocolate from the Lindt shop as a treat. Iā€™m so lucky.

The sound from HMS Prince of Wales was expansive. Everything about it was huge. Minimum crew - 700. It’s one of the most powerful surface warships ever constructed. Launched Dec 10 2019.

Portsmouth Docks. Amazing.

Totally smitten by this one. How beautiful she is.

It took her about ten minutes to settle. šŸ˜»

The purple ribbon lives on! šŸ’œ

Butter = A great way to make friends.

New house-sit already! Meet Florence. A cute bush baby lookalike who’s general expression is one of surprise. She’s a skilled hunter and has to wear a big bell round her neck so as not to make any wildlife look as surprised as she does.

Bye Buzz. This will probably be the last time I ever see you. I’ll always remember your incredible eyes and sweet, gentle nature. Except for when you’re hunting your brother of course. The winds of change are here and housesitting days are numbered. Exciting new adventures ahead.

Butter addict. This is him trying to get third helpings. šŸ™„

Oh my what a hard day you’ve had Leo. Chasing ribbons, stealing butter, swiping Buzz. So tiring for the wee little Prince.

Handsome Leo.

‘Way too much turkey’ face.

A Funny Bunny Christmas

Seasons Greetings everyone!

Love from Holly and the bunnies X

You can sing along too:

The Holly and the Ivy
when they are both full-grown
of all the trees that are in the wood
The Holly bears the crown

The rising of the sun
And the running of the deer
The rounding of the shining moon
The weary worn hunter

The Holly bears a blossom
White as the lily flower
and Ivy bears the blackest buds
to pull him to her power

The Holly bears a berry
As red as any blood
And Ivy bears the greenest leaves
To wrap him in her hood

The Holly bears a prickle
as sharp as any thorn
and Ivy bears a clinging vine
to smother him right down

The Holly bears a bark
Bitter as any gall
and Ivy bears small nectar flowers
to sweeten all his fall

The Holly and the Ivy
when they are both full-grown
of all the trees that are in the wood
these two shall wreathe as one

Arranged by Tim Hawthorn

Wow and yum. Apple Tarte Fine.


Well that’s very clever. And high. Eeeeek.

Tonight my dance was deep and driving. I found a new and improved way of processing thoughts. I felt peaceful. Sometimes I feel a bit lost, like a little kid, overwhelmed with life and too many emotions but then I find myself again through music. Through my body. Through beats.

Buzz Love.