Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

A Late Night Creative Spark

6: I talk about what I did with a creative burst of energy when I couldn’t record my podcast.

Lush Boxes and Goblin Dogs

5: A bit more detail about my housesitting life including streamlining, decadent spa hotels, kind sweet folk and hanging out with pugs.

So what is housesitting all about anyway?

4: Stories, information and ideas about my adventures as a housesitter.

The Story of my Staff

3: This may well be the beginning of my marching band career : )

Hoarding, Clutter and Dust - Let's Celebrate Space

2: I talk about how I’ve learnt to appreciate the art of decluttering.

Seeing the Beauty

1: I’ve done it. Hooray. I’ve recorded my first podcast. Full of colour, a bit of history, a dance story, a catto. I enjoyed it very much.