Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

The Tale of the Lost Cat

23: I’m in another part of the UK now talking about a crazy cat rescue, my encounter with some firemen, what it’s like to live with birmans and how I’m trying to get a handle on my tendancy to worry.

Don't Bottle Things Up

22: I talk about how important it is to say what’s on your mind rather than repressing it, how I love depth in a conversation, and what’s going on for me in the months ahead.

Sex and Intimacy

21: Today I talk about sex, relationships, keeping things fresh and just how important intimate freedom is for me.

Hotel Adventures, Harp on the Lawn and a Lovely New Housesit

20: I talk about my adventures from the last week, the loveliness of friendship and what it’s like in my new housesit.

Cover song - Lonesome Pole Cat - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Being a Grown Up

19: Happy Autumn Equinox! I talk about vulnerability, strength, keeping on moving and staying bright.

Cover song - Hearts and Flowers - Lamb

Mountain Lion

18: I pick a medicine card from a deck created by Jamie Sams and David Carson. I pick Mountain Lion and read what it says about this animal totem.

Dancing in the Face of Adversity

17: I danced this evening. First time properly in a few days. I needed to know I could conquer my body. I needed to know I could dance through the pain. Here I talk about what went on during that epic dance. I’m a tiny bit spacey.

The Torment of Psychosomatic Pain

16: Today I talk about a psychosomatic illness I’ve given myself and how I’ve been dealing with it the last few days. And why it’s even here in the first place.

Cover song - Sia - Breathe

Chainsaw and Harp: an Exploration

15: My mobile studio is right next to where a load of guys are currently using chainsaws. I thought I’d embrace the situation and noise and play some harp. I came up with the simple melody today after my dance. Here I’m having a riff on it with Cave reverb on.

Late Night Harp

14: Harp stories, how I got into harp, what harps I’ve had and some harp playing tooooo.

Attachment, Mind-Body Connection and Creative Flow

13: I talk about the dangers of feeling attached to things and about working through pain and change. I talk about flowing with creative energy and taking in life changing experiences with love and positivity.

New Housesit, New Cattos, New Dancefloor

12: I’ve arrived at my next housesit. I talk about recent adventures, sweet cats and new sensations in the autumnal breeze.

I Experienced a Miracle

11: Ever had one of those moments where you feel like your whole life has dramatically changed for the better? Where you feel like you’ve slayed your demons through sheer determination and you’re stronger than ever before?

My new skipping rope just brought me a miracle.

Dancing in Public vs Dancing in Private

10: what do you prefer…dancing in public or private? I talk about the benefits of both….and the crazy bits too of course. I also remind you to love your body. And fight for it.

The Art of Moving House

9: The stresses and challenges of moving out of a housesit and what I’ve learnt over time.

Watermelons and More Stick Magic

8: I talk about how much I love watermelons and whether I should name my staff.

A Late Night Creative Spark

6: I talk about what I did with a creative burst of energy when I couldn’t record my podcast.

Lush Boxes and Goblin Dogs

5: A bit more detail about my housesitting life including streamlining, decadent spa hotels, kind sweet folk and hanging out with pugs.

So what is housesitting all about anyway?

4: Stories, information and ideas about my adventures as a housesitter.

The Story of my Staff

3: This may well be the beginning of my marching band career : )

Hoarding, Clutter and Dust - Let's Celebrate Space

2: I talk about how I’ve learnt to appreciate the art of decluttering.

Seeing the Beauty

1: I’ve done it. Hooray. I’ve recorded my first podcast. Full of colour, a bit of history, a dance story, a catto. I enjoyed it very much.