Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Admin, Hopes, Self-Discovery and Dentists

48 Hello! In this episode I cover a range of topics including music, creativity, critcism, teeth, admin, laughter and future hopes.

The link to Jake’s music theory and guitar YouTube channel is here - Signals Music Studio. He covers many interesting topics in a fun and accessible way - he’s a great teacher.

I’ve realised I wished everyone a happy summer in the podcast but some people are actually in winter time now depending on where they are in the world so here I am being inclusive of all seasons and persons - Happy winter/autumn/spring/summer! : )

Edit * The Island I was trying to remember was Bermuda (nowhere near Hawaii : ) Edit* G Phrygian Dominant is actually the 5th mode of C harmonic minor. Learn more about this mode here

Christmas Lights and Chocolate Biscuits

47 Hello! In today’s episode I talk about harp projects, my love of chocolate biscuits, becoming a mad lighthouse keeper and letting my hair down these next two months. Cheers!

Cat Tails - Kiki

46 - I only spent a few days with little Kiki. She left a lasting impression. This is her story.

Cat Tails - Don

45 - This story is about Don, a British Shorthair who wasn’t quite all there.

Chapter 1 - This is Holly

44 - Wow, what a week. I finally got a letter from my mum. This is what happened next.

I acknowledge you! - Reddit article

The Empath and The Narcississt - Dr Ramani

Cat Tails - Georgie

43 - Cat Tails - Georgie the gentle giant.

Cat Tails - Leo

42 - The surly Burmese catto with naughty tendencies looking to cause trouble wherever he roameth.

A Head Full of Messy

41 - In today’s podcast I discuss how I’m trying to save my mind from being caught up in negative, looping emotions. I talk about what’s working for me, how the family situation is going and what the future holds.

Letting Go Meditation - Trudy Wendelin

This always makes me smile.

Vulnerability and Narcissism

On the last day of me being 40, I’m releasing my 40th ‘Get on and Shine’ podcast yay! It’s not all sunshine and roses though. This one is about deep trauma, broken promises, money, narcissism, relationships with parents and emotional vulnerability. I reflect on how negative emotions have consumed me recently. So just a light one then : ) But always with a positive heart, gentle words and hope for the future. Lots of love.

Meditation with Davidji

Big Changes

An update about my gaming adventures and some life changing news.

The Sugar Queen

39 - Here are some thoughts on sugar, the control it has had on my life and what I’ve done to combat it.

Holly Goes Gaming

38 - Today is all about retro computer games. I remember the games of my childhood and all the fun I had. I also talk about an exciting new gadget on its way to me. Yippeeeee!

Cookies and Scalpels

37: In this episode I talk about a new found baking enthusiam and share a lockdown story featuring me trying to be my own chiropodist. Warning - the second part is a tiny bit gruesome - nothing major but wanted to give you a heads up.


36: I’m feeling happy and nourished these days and making the most of this introverted time. This episode is all about what I’m doing to help myself get strong and fit and feel enriched by life. I also talk about Day 5 of my dance challenge and some interesting discoveries.

Charlotte de Witte set B2B Enrico Sangiuliano.

Terra Nova.


Creativity, Stress and a Special Announcement

35 - Hi everyone, I speak again! It’s been an age. I hope you are well. In this episode I talk about pre/post the world change, moving to Glasgow, dealing with stress, getting creative and I also have a special announcement.

My dance song was - Om Namo Bhagavate/Because The One I Love.

My transformational Davidji meditation was Shifting Your Perspective. I cried so much during this meditation. Like something was healing and being released. And someone understood what I was going through.

A Bunny Birthday Message

The bunnies have been busy today getting ready for their mum’s birthday. Here they talk about cakes, presents and of course they sing a little song. Pumpkin has to have a word with Pickles too, after he gets a bit confused.

A Worried Bunny

Peanut and Pickles have a little chat and sing a calming lullaby.

In the Precious Moonlight

I am so pleased with how this turned out. Sweet and innocent with a touch of pizazz. This song has a warm, flamboyant beat. I always feel so happy singing it.

Written by Holly Honeychurch.

Day 6 - A song a day.

Wake Up to Love

Happy Springtime!! Let’s be joyous as the seasons change. I’m appreciating the milder weather. I see the blue tits whizzing about and hear the blackbird’s song. It keeps my spirits up.
I wrote this a couple of years ago. I love the dreaminess of it. I’ll be recording an extended harp version for Late Nite Harp very soon. Enjoy.

Day 5 - A song a day.

Mother's Day with the Bunnies

The bunnies are back and raring to go. They’re presenting the whole podcast today so get ready for some fun! There’s even a bit of singing in the middle.

Somewhere Out There - An American Tail.

Day 3 - A song a day.

My Heart is Full of Hope

A song I wrote a few years back. Smooth, flowing, soft, deep. Loch Lomond’s waters kissed me today and settled me into a peaceful, hopeful vibe. I’m about to go deeper and record an extended version of this melody on the harp. See you on the other side.
Day 3 - A song a day.

Can't Help Falling in Love

Can’t Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley.
Day 2 (of 30) - A song a day.
Dedicated to my mamma and dadda.

Flor das Aguas

Flor das Aguas - Irineu. A song from the forest.
Day 1 (of 30) - A song a day.

New Beginnings and Shiraz

34 - I’m back after an enforced break and practising the art of podcasting again. With the help of some Shiraz. This is about my recent life choices and changes ahead.

A Funny Bunny Christmas

Seasons Greetings everyone!

Love from Holly and the bunnies X

You can sing along too:

The Holly and the Ivy
when they are both full-grown
of all the trees that are in the wood
The Holly bears the crown

The rising of the sun
And the running of the deer
The rounding of the shining moon
The weary worn hunter

The Holly bears a blossom
White as the lily flower
and Ivy bears the blackest buds
to pull him to her power

The Holly bears a berry
As red as any blood
And Ivy bears the greenest leaves
To wrap him in her hood

The Holly bears a prickle
as sharp as any thorn
and Ivy bears a clinging vine
to smother him right down

The Holly bears a bark
Bitter as any gall
and Ivy bears small nectar flowers
to sweeten all his fall

The Holly and the Ivy
when they are both full-grown
of all the trees that are in the wood
these two shall wreathe as one

Arranged by Tim Hawthorn