Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

Vulnerability and Narcissism

On the last day of me being 40, I’m releasing my 40th ‘Get on and Shine’ podcast yay! It’s not all sunshine and roses though. This one is about deep trauma, broken promises, money, narcissism, relationships with parents and emotional vulnerability. I reflect on how negative emotions have consumed me recently. So just a light one then : ) But always with a positive heart, gentle words and hope for the future. Lots of love.

Meditation with Davidji

When you need the loo so bad but you’re a hospital manager (Two Point Hospital on the Switch) and all your machines are on fire because the hospital is in an area full of volcanoes and there’s molten rocks on the floor that need cleaning up. My janitors are working hard. 🤪

I will say yum.

Went on a mission for tea and wafers. I feel we were successful.

Fresh box of Malteasers = My happy place

30 minutes after my fresh box of Malteasers = My not so happy place 🤢

I remember as a kid having sandwiches, a handful of crisps on the side and a bit of salad (usually left). Then I grew up and forgot about such quaint things until I went to a little village tearoom and rediscovered the art of sandwiches and crisps. I haven’t looked back. 😁

Serenity, jet skis, tweety birdies.

Doggo back from a big adventure.

Fresh water swim? Don’t mind if I do. This is Loch Ard.

Glencoe’s tiny waterfalls. There was still snow in places up higher on the mountain. Little areas which the summer sun hadn’t quite got around to melting yet. I can’t even begin to imagine the scene in the winter. The depth of snow and quantity of skiers must be deep and vast.

Then ended up on the sparkly slate shore of Loch Leven. Slate is so magical in the sun. We watched terns dive for abundant fish and basked in the hottest sun of the day. I wish I’d brought my costume, I wanted to go in so bad. The water was clear and surprisingly salty.

We drove through epic glens and saw all kinds of mountains with their own personalities.

Views from Glencoe.

Eeeeek. Went up Glencoe in a cable car today. Warm, sunny, with a cooling breeze. I enjoyed dangling my feet over the edge when I’d got over the shock of being suspended hundreds of feet up. The third pic is of a higher cable car run being repaired for winter before you ask. 😄

Furry bug.

My angel has returned.

Sweet and happy.

Can’t get enough of it.

That sky. 😍

Love the name of that boat. ⚡️

Inveraray, Scotland

Wine gums and movie night (The Hobbit pt 2) with my best pal. Lovely. ❤️

Happy place.

Just made these chocolate chip biscuit beauties. Super simple. Super scrum. I wanted to make thin biscuits this time because I do like a bit of crunch. There were a fair few more on this rack not so long ago. Oops (and nom).