Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

An eclectic selection of beats and rhythms is important for my body to grow and expand. I go deeper into my mechanics when I connect to a new vibe. I stretch and tune my muscles to the rhythm of each song. I noticed during this song I explored my gravitational bounce a fair bit.

Catto friend.

New Beginnings and Shiraz

34 - I’m back after an enforced break and practising the art of podcasting again. With the help of some Shiraz. This is about my recent life choices and changes ahead.

Trapped with no car and no chocolate. This is serious.

Don’t mind me. Iā€™m just snogging Jack. (I’m actually quite drunk).

I think I would like some chicken soup and dumplings please…

Grand Champion Gorgeous Boy.

Out for the count.


Interview with a catto. šŸ˜»

What have you been up to little monkey? (Mainly zooming around causing mischief with a silver crinkle ball).

Now Jack. Can we make an agreement that you don’t start digging up the litter tray tonight the moment I turn off the light? I know you like digging. I know it makes you happy. But not at 12am thank you. And definitely no number twos! (Small eco house = lots of stink) šŸ¤¢šŸ˜³šŸ„“šŸ˜·

Yep. Still got it.

He’s got such a booper ā¤ļø

Sometimes all it takes is a half hour, some favourite tunes, and a bit of booty shaking to make me remember my shine again.

He’s a top lad is our Jack. He’s been through it in his life. After four days he’s finally trusting me, finally not scooting away like a ninja into the shadows. He loves hanging out, watching. Iā€™m about to dance. I wonder what he’ll make of that. šŸ’ƒšŸ¤žšŸŽŠ

Sleepy loves.

Just discovered eggnog. Oh my. Liquid cake.

And stretch.

Excited catto alert.

Funny comparison. Our whole life is in our car. And it looks like a toy next to that beast.


I love welcoming housesits. These hosts made us feel so at ease last night. We were greeted warmly from the moment we arrived. The hugs, food and drinks flowed. So much so I have a bit of a woozy head this morn. šŸ™ƒ I ā¤ļø this black monkey panther too. šŸ˜» She’s a cheeky scamp.

And Delilah.