Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch

30 Days of Dancing #9 I danced to old and new music tonight. A real mashup of history. I heard this old tune which always got me going (how popular was Tiësto back in the day?!) and this new tune which, when I first heard it, stopped me in my tracks for it’s soulful melody.

Dance Friends

30 Days of Dancing #8 Today’s dance was round the supermarket with the potatoes, criossants and mince pies. I got some smooth moves in with the carrots too ; ) Looking forward to getting back into this weekend and having a trance kitchen festival with an all day dance sesh. Woo!

The face of someone bashfully filling in a sneaky questionnaire to try and win £1000 worth of supermarket vouchers. 🤩🤞🏽✨

After getting boozy chocs recently I was ready to go one step further and buy the rum I’ve been coveting for a few years. It’s such a big bottle I couldn’t justify it before, but somehow this year I could. It’s quite sweet so similar to a liquor and has a warming after effect.🥂

Epic trance tracks - Giuseppe Ottaviani - 8K, Michael Kaelios - Out of Control (Original Mix), Arksun - Arisen (Sean Tyas Remix).

30 Days of Dancing #7 I never quite know where dancing’s going to take me and what my mood will be. I can be quite tired during some songs and then all of a sudden something epic comes on, my blood starts bubbling (a bit like the slime in Ghostbusters 2) and I’m off again!

Songs of the evening - Choice of the Angels and Big Sky.

30 Days of Dancing #6 This is my dance floor. Smooth, shiny, soft. I skid a little in my trainers as I dance. I like being a skiddy kid. I can feel my whole body change from blob-like to tightness. Getting a lithe, strong frame is an amazing bi-product of dancing for me with cbd.

I’ve loved listening to this early Armin Van Buuren set from 2005 (sound/video quality quite interesting). I searched ‘Armin set without talking’ because these days he loves talking through his sets. He’s a lovely positive guy, I love his happy energy, he’s a showman but I’m also there for the music. The build ups, the silences, the moments which only come if you give the music the space to shine and open you up. And this set shows where he came from. Where tunes were played for much longer and there was space to journey through them and literally trance out. I go into other realms when I’ve got the right trance music on. I don’t get there when I have someone going on at me in the foreground taking me out of my zone.

In this set there were none of the usual interruptions (well except the sexy long haired 90s style pianist appearing ¾ of the way through and playing a classical number), no ego, no having to travel a million miles an hour because the tracks are so short. Am I getting old? Definitely. Nowadays in a set MCs shout, demand and talk over the best bits (usually) rather than letting the music speak for itself. There’s too much fast paced ego on the table when really, what’s important is the intimate musical journey between yourself, the crowd, the composer and the DJ taking you to those high realms. It’s sacred.

I love the comments section in this video too. This one got my attention -

“Man, these classic sets were amazing for one single reason for me. They let the tracks drag a lot longer, nowadays the so called “famous” DJ’s only let a track play for up to 2 minutes, some even less than a minute before mixing it up to the next track, it’s like they’re in a rush to go somewhere with all that fucking mixing. Sets like this, where a DJ actually let’s a track flow and play it’s course before mixing it with the next perfect track were so much better to get into that state of trance, to get into the zone. I have hope this “style” returns, not all of us have a 1 minute attention span and actually enjoy music, so let the tracks roll please.” HP

30 Days of Dancing #5 I’ve got just enough energy to write this post tonight but it doesn’t matter because I’ve danced more steps in five days than I have in five weeks and I also discovered I can belly dance sitting down! Very happy to say hi to my core muscles again woohoo!

Veracocha - Carte Blanche is one of the best early trance tunes from 1999. I’ve just been reading what people wrote in the comments after hearing it for the first time - stop dead, cry, or completely lose their shit - were some of the responses. I was one of the emotional ones.

I have a notebook near me as I dance. It’s a great way of scribbling ideas down to reflect on. Yesterday I didn’t write any words but I did start drawing hearts all over my page. It reminded me how I used to draw hearts all the time. And make heart art too. I love hearts. ♥️

This set is the piéce de resistance of trance music. Cold Blue knows how to make proper trance happen. Amazing timing and build ups, ethereal melodies, angelic arias and an orchestra in the sky. I’m totally in love with his style. Here for the video and here for audio only. ❤️ 🌝

30 Days of Dancing #4 It’s full moon tonight. I feel emotional shifts at times during the lunar cycle and believe that setting intentions at full moon can be beneficial and magical. So tonight I’m carrying on my dance in the full moon light. Flying high. Welcoming in strength.

It’s funny to think of djs dj-ing in their kitchens after playing in so many uber clubs to adoring crowds. It’s a whole new experience for them and I appreciate their effort. Thank you! And welcome to 2020! I love Bryan Kearney and am just getting back into him again. He’s really humble and let’s the music speak for itself. He’s got loads of sets available on his Soundcloud channel and here he is on Youtube which is what I’m currently listening to. Want some music to work to? This is it (if you can stop you’re hands from reaching up to the sky every five seconds you might even be able to type something hahaha).

This is a beautiful trance tune - Coming Home

30 Days of Dancing #3 Pretty much spent the whole afternoon raving in the kitchen to ethereal trance sets, made dinner, now carrying on again for a second round. Come on! Let’s dance! 💃🕺🥳🎵💗👩🏼‍🎤🧑‍🎤Trance is such an uplifting genre. I love connecting with the tunes 🙌🏽

Super duper trance music to work/dance/pump to. Alex knows how to take you into space. Youtube Premium is essential for this set. The idea of it being broken up by ads is truly upsetting : ) Alex M.O.R.P.H Tomorrowland 2019. Follow the White Rabbit is a fab penultimate track.

30 Days of Dancing #2 I danced til I couldn’t dance no more and listened to an eclectic mix of old trance songs. I went right back to the beginning, Holly as a wee teenager, starting to discover what music moved her. Like Set You Free and this epic by Delerium. Happy now : )

30 Days of Dancing #1 I literally loved it! Two hours of a DnB set by Andromedik and I’ve definitely got my bounce back. Got some weights out too. Lots of awesome tunes. Literally in heaven with beats and melodies. My body is welcoming me again to experience how cool it can be : )

Spot the scaffolders.

Ok, here it comes….the third installment of 30 Days of Dance. A challenge seeing me dancing at least 30 mins every day. Like properly shaking my booty around the house. A challenge to remind me just how good it is to move my body. #1 starts tonight. Woohoo! Bring on the tunes!

Post dance smile. It’s been a while since I bounced round the kitchen. Today was the day to rectify that. With a very good dnb set blasting though my headphones and a little cbd oil to help my body relax, I had a rather good sesh. Feeling grateful for movement and bounciness. Yay!

Bouncing round the supermarket to this. So good. Woo! 💃