Get on and Shine with Holly Honeychurch


Day 23. Cooked roast tatties while dancing tonight. A slow kind of day. I did some upper body work out with weights while listening to Charlotte’s set. Some great moments in there. Trying to find my mojo again too. Feeling tired. Must be this hot weather I’m not used to. 🥵😴

I 💜 Aquilegias

Day 22. Had a musical exploration today. Gone were the banging beats. In came Prince with some awesome rhythms. Talk about oozing sex appeal right? Followed by the enigmatic Kate Bush. And the uber cool Don’t Fear the Reaper. Then I ate a load of mash. Nom. Gotta keep moving.💪🏻

Day 21. A hoover dance day. Tidying and dancing gives me focus. I power on, listening to awesome tunes. Hanging. Sweeping. Washing. Stripping…the bed : ) I’m here, I’m there. I’m active. It’s so important to keep active. For an hour a day. I get a clean flat too!

Just made iced buns. The buns of my childhood. It was always a good day when school made iced buns. And I’ve finally recreated them. The house smells delightfully doughy. They’re sweet, fresh, soft, yeasty. Very sniffable. I added a touch of lime to the icing sugar. Divine.

Day 20. Managed to make iced buns and go for a dance walk today. It’s great to walk and listen to funky beats. Usually right side led, my left foot is taking a new role now. Working harder. Welcome left foot. Don’t be shy. You’re healthy and free. Let’s get strong.

Day 19. I’m one of those all or nothing kind of people. And doing incredible amounts of star jumps each day has left my foot feeling pensive about its new role as epic weight bearer. I’m going to tone it back slightly. Just to be able to walk each day. 😄 Favourite rockin tune.

Difficulty Level = Cat 😻

Something a bit different tonight. I’m a total mash tatty fiend (with cream, butter and nutmeg) and i’ve also got fish fingers coming out my ears (a cheap meal woo!). So I sautéed some vegetables in rosemary and garlic and we had ourselves a decadent fish supper. With mash. Nom.

Today, I listened back to some dnb songs I loved and found myself skipping forward to the second half of many of them after the driving beats kicked in. I noticed many of them featured female vocalists singing about being weak without their partners. I don’t feel good listening to that kind of music. It’s not inspiring. I want women who feel powerful. And independent. And sing about cool things. I liked this one. Give me the juice. Not the waffle.

Day 18. It’s become a way of life now. I have to dance. Everyday. My heart rate needs to race. I must reach 150 star jumps. And my body responds with happy joy as it bounces round the kitchen. It’s a helpful habit this dance challenge. And this drop is pure sex.

Roasted vegetable quiche. ✅
Vanilla muffins. ✅
Four cheeky jam tarts with leftover pastry. ✅

Day 17. A dance bake off style sesh today spending the whole day baking. Totally addicted. So along with listening to fav tunes and shaking in time with the beats I made a roast vegetable quiche and a batch of vanilla muffins. On my feet all day - I feel well and truly done. 😴

I love audio books. An epic fantasy read with the super talented narrator - Jeff Harding - is Kings of the Wyld. It’s full of rock and roll. I adore it. It’s about friendship, trials, strength and loyalty. The humour (and language) suited me perfectly. Amazing.

Day 16. 150 star jumps complete. Brilliant. 20 mins of kegel exercises complete. Amazing. Dancing on a warm day to energetic dnb tunes feeling my heart rate rise. Priceless. I’m grateful for my body. It might have its challenges but it works when I ask it to. Every single time.

Scones by Delia. Light, fluffy, scrumptious. I added a milk glaze too. This is the second batch of the afternoon. The first were a write off after I accidentally used plain flour. 🙄 Live and learn people. The birdies will benefit. Ps I ❤️ clotted cream (heaven on a spoon).

Day 15. A dinky dance today. My body felt a bit like a doggo who doesn’t want to go any further and was well up for something mini. I showed up and made the effort at least. And after the pounding I gave it yesterday, I understand why it’s more contemplative. 😄🤔 💃

So…..I say the word ‘so’ too much. 😉 I’ve noticed it in my podcasts. In my head, it moves my story forward. I also use it for emphasis. But its days are numbered because it’s annoying me. I no longer want this cheeky little word commandeering the narrative. Let’s see how I do.

Day 14. Today was a day where I felt my stamina rise. This dance sesh went deep into my core. I had DnB on (Tarantula). Fast, hard, dark, jungly. 150 star jumps later and, after hoovering the whole house, I did a round of kegel exercises and contemplated buying a rabbit puppet.

Day 13. I did some stretches and a bit of movement but more than anything my body wanted to rest so that’s what it’s doing. Peace out people. Herbal tea on the go. Pau d’arco, orange and vanilla.

Watched both Paddington movies this weekend. Is it just me or did anyone else get emotional during parts? Talk about being a sensitive soul. I got through a few tissues. 😭❤️🌷 Feel good, sweet movies. Aww bless.

Cookies and Scalpels

37: In this episode I talk about a new found baking enthusiam and share a lockdown story featuring me trying to be my own chiropodist. Warning - the second part is a tiny bit gruesome - nothing major but wanted to give you a heads up.